Doosan Launches XiteCloud Smart Construction Solution at Hillhead Digital

    In addition to the numerous new wheel loader, excavator, and ADT launches taking place at Hillhead Digital for Doosan Infracore, the company has confirmed that they will be presenting its XiteCloud smart solution for the first time at any trade exhibition.

    Courtesy of: Doosan

    Launched last year in South Korea, XiteCloud maximizes productivity by incorporating complex 3D drone construction surveys and earthwork calculations into a cloud platform, allowing them to be completed in just one to two days. XiteCloud is the first step in commercializing Concept-X – Doosan’s integrated unmanned and automated control solution which was first demonstrated to the construction plant market in 2019. Going forward, Doosan has plans in place to launch XiteCloud in the international markets, including Europe in the near future.

    Increased Productivity

    With XiteCloud, customers can manage multiple tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation, and construction management on a single platform, thereby reducing construction costs and saving time whilst increasing work accuracy, which, in turn, raises productivity.

    XiteCloud also allows end-users to manage multiple projects on a single platform, accumulating and managing data that can be utilized for future decision-making/business. The solution even makes it possible to digitize earthwork site information into three dimensions and analyze rock formations. Also, as it is cloud-based, XiteCloud makes it easy for stakeholders, including contractors and clients, to join forces and manage the progress of a given project together.

    On unfriendly terrain with steep slopes and cliffs, XiteCloud can calculate exact work volumes using advanced drone-based surveys. By analyzing vast amounts of field data quickly and accurately, the smart solution completes construction surveys and earthwork calculations, which typically take as long as two weeks, within a day or two. XiteCloud has already gone through the technology verification process at more than 10 large-scale construction sites and infrastructure facilities in Korea and elsewhere and was also applied to a pilot project in Peru, ahead of the development of a large-scale mine site.

    XiteCloud and the first contract

    Doosan has now won the first service contract for XiteCloud from IL KWANG E&C Co., Ltd., a civil contractor working on earthworks at a public housing site preparation project in Jungnang-gu in Seoul, South Korea. For IL KWANG, the XiteCloud service will initially cover 3D modeling and the cloud platform, before being expanded for use on other civil engineering sites where the contractor is working.

    Courtesy of: Doosan

    At Jungnang-gu, Doosan Infracore is analyzing the current status of the 50,000m2 site, on which IL KWANG will build the residential-commercial complex buildings, using three-dimensional modeling to produce a report on the calculation of the earthworks while providing necessary cloud platform services.

    IL KWANG plans to use XiteCloud to confirm the volume of earthwork with the client before the project officially kicks off, and has stated that it will gradually expand the scope of its application of the cloud service. IL KWANG is confident that XiteCloud will enable it to calculate earthwork volumes far more quickly than before and manage construction progress in a more sophisticated manner.

    A spokesman for Doosan said:

    “This contract is extremely meaningful in that it involves the first sale of our cutting-edge service to an external customer. We aim to secure additional customers in diverse fields and strengthen our pioneering position in the growing market for smart construction solutions. XiteCloud provides a comprehensive project progress management service which serves to increase trust between client and contractor.”

    The company plans to expand XiteCloud’s applicability to large-scale construction equipment by exploiting 5G mobile technology and telematics, allowing the customer to manage its entire machinery fleet on a single platform.

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    Source: Doosan