Lutze Launched Luwitan Hoppers and Hoses at Hillhead Digital

    Lutze focused on total wear protection solutions that reduce maintenance costs and extend service life of materials processing plant at Hillhead Digital.

    Examples of these products that have been exhibited include the company’s Luwirep repair system for conveyor belts and rubber wear protection. Originally designed for the Lutze Group’s own technicians, the compound is available to anyone and has been specially engineered for the repair of rubber conveyor belts, which can be performed in as little as 40min.

    Ensuring customers can maintain highly productive, reliable, and efficient conveying systems, Lucon is the product name for Lutze’ conveyor belts manufactured and controlled to specified standards.

    Rubber qualities are encrypted in letters and abbreviations eg Y, X, W, Z, D, H, L, MOR, OR, G, OilGM, ROS, UHR, RMA1, FDA etc. As this list can be continued almost endlessly, it has become a huge challenge for customers to choose the right belt for their installation.

    Because plant operators do not have the in-house expertise, Lutze have strengthened their ability to provide this service offering with experts helping to find the best fit for each installation.

    The Lucon conveyor belt has been developed following decades of experience and offers a long service life to end-users. With this standard range, Lutze Group offer quick availability and covers the most common applications. In addition to conveyor belts, the belt conveyor specialist can supply splicing material, accessories and conveyor components including rollers.

    At Hillhead Digital, the company presented its Luwitan hoppers and hoses which are particularly resistant to wear and tear.

    Lutze has developed a technique for homogenously manufacturing the necessary seams, without including any of the weak points that occur with adhesive bonding or mechanical joints.

    The product palette includes small hoses that allow critical materials to be conveyed without dust, hoppers, and hoses for filling truck concrete mixers, and hoses with diameters of several metres used for reducing dust emissions when dropping bulk material onto heaps.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media