Sicma’s New Tool-Holder Machine for the Inter-Row Processing of Vineyards and Orchards Attending Demo Days

    Always synonymous with robustness and reliability, thanks to the experience and know-how gained in 50 years of history, Sicma continues to set itself the goal of full customer satisfaction, focusing on the constant search for innovative, effective and efficient solutions.

    An integrated and flexible company with an international scope, it perfectly embodies the FULL MADE IN ITALY concept, developing the entire production chain within it, from design to assembly, and thus making use of a total and distinctive quality level, also offering a distinguishing and customisable service based on a wide variety of needs.

    In this sense Sicma has developed and created a new tool-holder machine for the inter-row processing of vineyards and orchards in general.

    The machine developed by Sicma was designed to meet the following agronomic needs:

    • Management of the surface, grassing, the control of weeds and the distribution of natural resources available to crops;
    • Management of crop residues;
    • Supply of organic improvers, fertilisers and minerals;
    • Eco-sustainability of processing.

    On the basis of these purposes, the machine is designed for a mechanised approach to soil tillage and weed control operations in the context of both more sustainable and ecological agronomic activities, while at the same time pursuing new market strategies for the farm, respecting soil, water resources, biodiversity and the health of operators and consumers.

    The machine is available in mechanical (DM) or hydraulic (DH) version, the substantial difference of which lies in the equipment of hydraulically motorised operating heads.

    One of the peculiarities of the Sicma machine is the possibility of mounting the frame both at the rear and front which means being able to both satisfy the operator’s preferences relating to management of the machines and correct balancing of the tractor and the option of setting up a work site with double equipment.

    The supporting frame consists of telescopic elements, with synchronous opening with manual or electro-hydraulic control, which protrude only on the one side in the case of one element or on both sides if with double element. There are a variety of ranges of widths that allow adaptation to the usual inter-row widths of orchards.

    The following tools can be used:

    • Smooth/toothed, idle/motorised discs and disc harrows
    • Rotary harrows
    • Blades
    • Dozer anchors
    • Double/triple furrow star discs
    • Sucker removers
    • Mower discs
    • Finger weeders in various diameters and rubber hardnesses.