Epiroc Rolls Out a Diesel-to-Battery Conversion for Loaders

Epiroc, leading productivity, and sustainability partner for the mining and infrastructure industries is offering customers conversion kits that seamlessly transform loaders from diesel-powered to battery-electric driven. The new offering, which has already secured an order in Canada, will speed up the mining industry’s shift to an emissions-free future.

An Epiroc Scooptram ST1030 loader in Canada that has been converted from diesel to battery electric.

Battery conversions are already underway in Canada, with Epiroc’s Scooptram ST1030 loader being the first vehicle to undergo the transformation. Evolution Mining, an Australian-based international mining company, earlier this year ordered the conversion of two diesel-powered Scooptram ST1030 machines for use at its gold mine in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. In addition, it also ordered two new Scooptram ST14 Battery loaders and one Minetruck MT42 Battery to add to the fleet at Red Lake.

Kits to convert the Scooptram ST1030, one of Epiroc’s most widely used loaders, are now available to order through most of Epiroc’s Customer Centers worldwide. Conversion kits for other machines will follow, including for the Scooptram ST14 loader which is already being tested as a converted version.

 “Converting existing diesel machines to battery-electric will be a smart and cost-efficient alternative for mining companies that want to electrify their operations,” says Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s President and CEO. “It will be an important part as we together continue the drive toward emissions-free operations.”

The conversion involves removing the diesel engine, adding the battery, and changing to an electric driveline. The end result is the same or higher performance level as diesel machines with all the added benefits of battery technology, which includes zero emissions and a healthier underground environment for operators. Epiroc’s service organization will offer a quick turnaround time for the conversion, which is included in a midlife rebuild and puts machines back on site ready for heightened performance without unnecessary disruptions to production.

Sofia Davalle
Sofia Davalle
Editor at Australia HeavyQuip ournal