[Job Story] Palfinger Loader Crane at Work to Lift 400-Kg Jacuzzi in Germany

The PK 58.002 TEC 7 loader crane from Palflinger has been recently chosen to lift a 400-kg Jacuzzi over a house into the yard in Surheim, Germany. This pool maneuver certainly posed a challenge for the plumbing firm of Reichart in Saaldorf-Surheim, Germany. Because the Jacuzzi, so eagerly anticipated by the customer, had to be lifted over the house from the road into the back yard.

It could have been done with a digger, says master plumber Christian Reichart, explaining the challenge,

“but then the garden would have been damaged. So that was not an option.”

Crane operator Gerhard recalls that the weather was fine:

“There was light cloud and no wind. Just perfect. And the next-door neighbor was just astounded.”

No wonder: it’s not every day you see a 400-kg Jacuzzi floating through the air.


Another solution had to be found. One that allowed the Jacuzzi to be lifted safely from the road to behind the house. This is where PALFINGER crane operator Gerhard and the PK 58.002 TEC 7 loader crane came in. The perfect combination of experience and technological possibilities. And in this case, both were needed. In the narrow dead-end street, Gerhard had to choose a position allowing him to lift the pool into the back yard but avoiding the roof of the house:

“There was a risk of damaging the solar panels.”

So he chose a position from which he could lift it over the garage roof.

“The preparations were perfect. The loader crane was ideally configured to lift the 400 kilograms over the required reach and place them safely on the terrace,”

says Gerhard.

A mobile crane might have had difficulties on account of the approach path for aircraft to Salzburg Airport.


Its additional knuckle boom system – the so called fly jib – allowed the PK 58.002 TEC 7 loader crane to make the most of its strengths in this situation and to achieve the greatest possible reach at a significantly lower height while at the same time clearing projecting edges with no difficulty. The P profile, on the other hand, gives the crane’s entire extension boom system great torsion stability and supports fast and precise work steps.

“That’s an important aspect of operation for me,”

says Gerhard.

The same applies to the control system, which must guarantee great precision especially where space is tight, as in the dead-end street, and does so thanks to the P7 radio remote control, as the experienced crane operator points out.

Gerhard nevertheless experienced a first on this job:

“I tried out the new Smart Control function during this operation for the first time and am really impressed that after the P7 it was possible to make operation even easier and smarter. Lifting the Jacuzzi down centrally with practically a single lever was never easier.”


The combination of these advantages produced a strong and convincing performance in Saaldorf-Surheim. In a confined space, the 400-kg load was lifted quickly and easily and set down with pinpoint accuracy.

Also the customer Christian Reichart is convinced that:

“That was the fastest and most efficient solution available to us.”

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