[Video] Case Launches the E-Series Excavator Range

Our staff attended at Case digital E-Series Crawler Excavator range launch


Case has announced the launch of its new Case E-Series Crawler Excavator range. Building on a legacy of earthmoving innovation spanning 180 years, alongside its manufacturing experience and customer feedback, the Case E-Series range includes seven new models from 13 to 30-tonne: CX130E, CX160E, CX180E, CX210E, CX240E, CX250E, CX300E.

Market-leading features include new FPT Industrial (FPT) Stage V engines, enhanced cab design and operator experience, improved hydraulics’ controls and settings, machine structure, undercarriage, and a new full range of Case Service Solutions. As a result, customers benefit from greater controllability, reliability, operator comfort, efficiency, productivity, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Our customers are facing increasing challenges, which is intensifying competition. So, they look to Case to develop machines that have the highest levels of uptime, efficiency and productivity,” explains Egidio Galano, Director, Construction Equipment Product Management Europe, CNH Industrial. “In response, we developed the E-Series, delivering excellence, efficiency and economy.”

Controllability, productivity, reliability: an integrated solution to market challenges

The new E-Series range has many new features that integrate and work together to deliver market-leading uptime, productivity, and profitability for customers. When combined, the new Stage V FPT engines, Case Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS), new work modes, telematics, optimized cab control layout and improved visibility lead to greater controllability and precision. In turn, this results in safer, more productive, and more profitable operations. The new E-Series is delivering a competitive advantage to customers.

CIHS, a leading feature of the previous generation, is now integrated with four new work modes, with additional customizable hydraulic settings to adjust the flow priority for arm, boom, or swing movements all controllable by the operator. Efficiency-enhancing Super Power (SP) mode delivers maximum productivity, Power (P) mode provides a surge of power when needed and Lifting (L) mode optimizes object handling. When paired with the new FPT engines, the Eco (E) mode delivers remarkable fuel savings of up to 17% on some models.

Emissions, productivity, and TCO benefits from FPT Stage V engines

Case reinforces the long-standing partnership with FPT, with its strengths in construction powertrain design. The E-Series incorporates more powerful and efficient Stage V engines in all-new series models.  The 13-18-tonne models feature N45, the 4.5-litre engines from the renowned NEF series, while the N67, from the same engine family, powers the 21-30-tonne models providing 6.7-litre displacement.

Describing the beating heart of the new E-Series, Galano highlights the FPT engines’ extensive new features:

“Case has introduced a solution free from exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), ensuring greater efficiency during the fuel combustion. When coupled with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) on filter, the E-Series delivers unprecedented total cost of ownership (TCO) improvements.”

The new e-Series is equipped with HI-eSCR2, the patented after-treatment solution by FPT that is completely maintenance-free and built for life. There is no requirement for mechanical cleaning or replacement over the life cycle.

Case has also improved the service experience by doubling the maintenance intervals up to 1,000 hours for engine oil, fuel filters, and oil filters.

The new FPT Stage V engines are designed to offer flexible fuelling solutions for customers, particularly those operating in jurisdictions with demanding local regulations. All E-Series models can run on regular or alternative fuels, such as increasingly popular HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oils).

Building a revolutionary operator experience with extra comfort and safety

In addition to the new work modes, the E-Series provides operators with increased levels of comfort and visibility. The cab has many new features that will enhance the overall operating experience. Improved access, a brand-new industry-leading 10-inch LCD monitor with 5 configurable buttons, new control layout, suspended pilot lever console, improved air conditioning system, and larger storage compartments.

All E-Series models retain the top-tier comfort and safety features of the previous generation crawler excavators: spacious and roomy, fully adjustable ergonomic seats, optimized armrest position, and joystick control. The right-hand side visibility was good before, and now it is excellent. Operator protection is still a priority, with standard safety features, such as the falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 2, retained.

“The Case E-Series range takes operator comfort to another level,” adds Galano.

Greater uptime means more profitability, with Case Service Solutions

Additional competitive advantage for customers comes from the productivity, profitability, and uptime of the new Case E-Series Crawler Excavator range. Case Service Solutions is a range of connected and non-connected after-sales services that support customer experiences.

The bidirectional modem enables the use of Case SiteConnect and Case SiteWatchTM, a complete fleet management tool. The solution includes geolocation, fleet security using geo-fences and unauthorized use alerts, and flexible reporting. Customizable reports can include key performance indicators (KPIs) such as fuel consumption, utilization rate, machine hours, and idle time, so productivity and profitability can be monitored and optimized. The data is easily accessible via a portal.

Case SiteConnect enhances telemetry data used by Case’s Uptime Center team to provide dealers with alerts based on machine performance. Fast, corrective action to minimize downtime is possible, as dealers remotely access machine data and take corrective action faster. This enables dealers to be proactive in managing customer machines and boosting uptime. Both SiteWatch and SiteConnect are standard with the new E-Series range.

Customers benefit from greater peace of mind with Case Care, Case Protect and Case Fluid Analysis. Case Care is a standard planned maintenance program with genuine parts and lubricants. The program is underpinned by the support, logistics, and technical expertise of the wide-reaching Case dealer network. Case Protect is an extended warranty program and Case Fluid Analysis aims to prevent major failures, optimize the asset reliability and extend operating lifetimes.

“Case Service Solutions is designed to keep customer equipment in top condition with maximum uptime, no unexpected costs, and optimized profitability,” concludes Peter Garry, Director, Aftermarket Solutions Europe. 

“Case Protect and Case Fluid Analysis are available for customers throughout Europe. Case Care is available now in selected markets, with Europe-wide availability soon.”