EvoQuip Launches a Campaign To Increase Environmental Sustainability

EvoQuip have taken a step towards sustainability in launching a campaign to illustrate their commitment to creating a sustainable future. The “Think Green, Think EvoQuip” campaign was launched in April 2022 and demonstrates continued growth by creating equipment that is increasingly sustainable.

Courtesy of EvoQuip.

Barry O’Hare, Business Line Director for EvoQuip said:

“Sustainability is a strategic priority for us and consistently at the top of our agenda. We see it as our responsibility to do what we can to be as sustainable a company as possible, and to help to build a world that puts sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.”

The new campaign shows EvoQuip’s commitment to this important topic and demonstrates continued growth by designing and creating equipment that is increasingly sustainable. The compact crushing and screening brand have also posted a sustainability responsibility statement on their website stating 4 key commitments. These are the production of sustainable equipment that is as kind to the environment as possible, whilst still being effective and eco-friendly in its use, this is both in the design stage of the products and in the physical processing of material. The use of sustainable materials where possible in the production of all equipment, parts, and packaging to help to ensure the products are sustainable from design, to the finished product, to operation. Offering the best solution to customers to ensure their operation is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. They promise to comply with any and all legislations and health and safety requirements.

Recycling is an important industry for EvoQuip, with over 40% of equipment out in the field working in a recycling application. The entire EvoQuip range provides the ideal solution for generating profit from waste.  It is possible to process many types of waste from which can then be reused as product on site or sold.

EvoQuip will be increasing their selection of hybrid/electric offerings over time, one of many things that they will be doing as part of this campaign. This as well as fuel consumption monitoring, assessing and reducing carbon footprint and reducing waste to landfill will help EvoQuip live up to the name of the campaign “Think Green, Think EvoQuip”. Their economic contribution comes in the form of reducing machine running costs, turning waste into profit and having a more measured approach to research and development to name but a few. This whilst also ensuring their training to operators is current and constantly and consistently updated to ensure that operator know the most economical way to operate and service the machines.


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