Komatsu Launches the PC01E-1 Electric Micro Excavator

Komatsu is going to launch the PC01E-1 electric micro excavator, developed jointly with Honda Motor, as a rental model, in Japan in March this year.

PC01E-1 electric micro excavator launched in Japan. Courtesy of Komatsu.

Komatsu and Honda have developed the PC01E-1 by successfully electrifying the PC01 conventional micro excavator through the incorporation of the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:* (hereafter “swappable mobile battery”) and Honda eGX electrified power unit. The conventional model is typically used very close to people, trees and flowers for pipe-laying work, gardening, agriculture, livestock and the like. As a result of electrification, the PC01E-1 model not only reduces noise and exhaust heat substantially, but also enables eco-friendly, comfortable work in either indoor or outdoor environments, thanks to no exhaust gas. As the batteries are swappable, customers can continue work simply by exchanging them. As its new electric motor offers high performance even in low revolutions, the PC01E-1 model achieves more excavation than the conventional model in low revolutions. As there is no engine installed, customers will no longer need engine-related maintenance or fueling, dynamically reducing daily inspection and maintenance work for them.

Customers, who tried the PC01E-1 model at their jobsites for our PoC test, have voiced their high evaluation, such as easy exchange of the batteries, convenient charging with 100V household electricity, and practical benefits of no fueling. They have also given high marks on work performance, stating, “I feel the new model is more powerful than the conventional one.” By initially promoting the rental use of the new model by as many customers as possible, Komatsu hopes that customers will actually experience and appreciate its work performance, safety, environmental friendliness, and convenient use in order to further penetrate the market.

While continuing its commitment to Quality and Reliability, and working to maximize its corporate value, Komatsu is working to achieve safe, highly – productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future through Dantotsu Value (ESG solutions and improvement of earnings through customer value creation).

*Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is a portable and swappable mobile battery developed by Honda.

Honda Mobile Power Pack. Courtesy of Komatsu.

Main features of the product

  • Eco-friendly, powerful electric motor: No exhaust gas and no engine noise because it is battery powered. Thanks to its electric motor, which is capable of high performance, even in low revolutions, it enables stable, powerful work regardless of motor revolutions, offering more power output than conventional models in low revolutions.
  • Portable and swappable Honda Mobile Power Pack e: Easy exchange and charging of the swappable batteries by anyone. Customers can continue work by exchanging the batteries, which eliminates waiting time for charging. Charging is also easy and convenient because its exclusive charger connects to the 100V household power supply source.
  • New control panel: The new, exclusive, simple, stylish control panel displays the battery charge level in big letters in the center of the monitor screen.
  • Easy maintenance: All engine-related maintenance work is no longer necessary, such as filter cleaning and fueling. Greasing is not necessary because oil-free bushings are used in its work equipment like in the conventional model. Daily inspection and maintenance work is substantially reduced.
  • Inheritance of compact body size: The battery box is installed in the rear of the equipment, inheriting the compact size of the current model of 580 mm width. It weighs 340 kg, lower than the max load capacity (350 kg) of Japanese mini trucks.

Source: Komatsu

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