Case Launches New Mini-Excavator D-Series Range in Europe

CASE Construction Equipment launched the new Mini-Excavator D-Series range in Europe, featuring 20 models from 1-tonne to 6-tonne, including 2 electric models. In addition to the range offering a complete line-up of machines that deliver a solution for every customer’s need, each new D-Series Mini-Excavator is equipped with the latest technology, features, and attachments for all markets and applications.

This versatile, agile, and market-leading machine range is supported by superior serviceability and reliability, optimizing uptime, productivity, and profitability for customers. Furthermore, the European CASE D-Series Mini-Excavator range is manufactured at dedicated plants in Italy, benefitting from the synergies of innovation, technology, expertise, and production that follow the acquisition of Sampierana by CNH Industrial in 2021.

“Mini-Excavators are a high-growth segment and account for nearly half of all European machine sales. CASE has responded to customer demand with a full line-up of 20 D-Series Mini-Excavators from 1 to 6 tonnes, with two electric models in the 1-3-tonne range. And with manufacturing based in Italy to supply the entire European market, we are proud to produce where we sell. European production enables the first D-Series machines to ship and be on customers’ job sites from the third quarter of 2022.”

notes Egidio Galano, Director, Construction Equipment Product Management Europe, CNH Industrial.

The two electric models, the first available from the first quarter of 2023, are in the 1-3-tonne ranges, supporting customers operating on job sites with demanding emissions controls and noise constraints, such as in urban locations.

20 models offering one flexible and agile solution to all customer challenges

“One primary benefit of this extensive line-up is versatility, tailor-making a solution to all customer needs, whether that’s different sizes for sites with restricted access or to take advantage of the huge range of attachments. The sizes with the greatest utility and therefore highest European demand are in the 1-3-tonne and 5-6-tonne ranges, and we have 15 models to meet this need.”

continues Galano.

Versatility, flexibility, and agility are further embedded in the D-Series with features such as a zero tail-swing and two-piece booms available across the entire range, hydraulic and mechanical quick couplers, and electric models that can operate in low- / no-emission and noise restricted zones.

Machines optimized for hundreds of applications by applying industry-leading technology

To support customers, all models across the D-Series Mini-Excavator range include new advanced features underpinned by industry-leading technology. Users can fully customize each machine according to the application’s needs, with options ranging from basic configurations to premium feature-loaded models.

In addition to 20 different machine sizes, up to three auxiliary circuits with electro-hydraulic proportional control and a superior range of hydraulic and mechanical quick couplers can be specified. These enable a near-infinite range of available attachments, from buckets to breakers and mulchers.
For compactness and agility, zero tail-swing versions are available across the entire range providing exceptional maneuverability. When coupled with the 2-piece boom offering, operators can operate higher and further than equivalent standard mono-beams, digging deeper and closer to the machine in space-constrained sites. The performance-enhancing 2-piece boom is available across the range, including uniquely on the 2-tonne, 4.5-tonne, and 5.5-tonne models, an industry first.

Additional high-technology features found in all models are the electro-hydraulic controls, hydraulic settings, a load-sensing electronic pump, and flow-sharing control valves.
The CX15EV is the first of the electric models, which was presented at the CNH Industrial Capital Markets day in February 2022. Available during Q1 2023, this 1.3-tonne machine has a 16kW electric engine with a 21.5kWh battery that can be recharged in less than 2 hours with an external fast recharger, minimizing downtime. This means customers can eliminate machine noise and optimize both productivity and emissions control.

A focus on operator comfort that improves productivity and safety

Operators benefit from many features that enhance safety and productivity, which range from automatic air conditioning and heating to the quick couplers that allow fast change-of-use by the operator on site. The customizable electro-hydraulic controls and digital cluster with AUX1, AUX2, and AUX3 flow settings provide operators with a high degree of customization to their individual working patterns and control over workflow.
The boom, right-front hood, cab-front running lights, cab’s courtesy light, fabric seat that features optional pneumatic suspension and heating, plus optional suspended joysticks, are all designed for the operator’s comfort and safety. The optional anti-theft features, rear-view camera, and cab-rear optional additional working lights add further peace of mind. Finally, optional DAB Radio, Bluetooth, USB, memory card SD/SDHC, and an aux-in enhance operators’ working environments.

Optimizing uptime and customer peace of mind with CASE Service Solutions

To further boost the flexibility, uptime, productivity, and profitability of its new D-Series Mini-Excavator range, CASE has created a range of connected and non-connected after-sales services, CASE Service Solutions, which supports customers’ experience of CASE equipment.

Plant fleet managers benefit from geolocation, fleet security using geo-fences and unauthorized use alerts, and flexible reporting from the complete fleet management tool CASE SiteWatchTM. This powerful tool includes the ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as fuel consumption, utilization rate, machine hours, and idle time, enabling productivity and profitability to be monitored and optimized. The data is easily accessible via an online portal.

CASE SiteConnect enhances telemetry data used by CASE’s Uptime Center team to provide dealers with alerts based on machine performance. Fast corrective action to minimize downtime is possible, as dealers remotely access machine data and take corrective action faster. This enables dealers to be proactive in managing customers’ machines and boosting uptime. Both SiteWatch and SiteConnect are available on the new D-Series Mini-Excavator range from 2023.
To further boost the flexibility, uptime, productivity, and profitability of its new D-Series Mini-Excavator range, CASE has created Service Maintenance Kits for models across the range.

“CASE Service Solutions keep our customers’ equipment in top condition with maximum uptime, no unexpected costs, and optimized profitability. Core solutions are available now, with plans to roll out CASE Service Solutions across the entire range throughout Europe as machines become available.”

highlights Peter Garry, Director, Europe Construction Parts and Service.

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