Volvo CE Bets on Electrification Anticipating the Path Towards Net Zero Emissions

Our newsroom had the pleasure to be invited at Volvo Days 2022 on May 30-31 in Eskilstuna, to discover the ultimate challenges Volvo Construction Equipment has been undertaking for the next following years. Decarbonization, electric solutions and sustainability are at the core of Volvo’s mission to become a leader in the fast-growing premium electric car market and by 2030.

Celebrating the return of its iconic Volvo Days, Volvo Construction Equipment highlights its purpose driven message of industry transformation. Using the theme of its recently launched ‘Change Starts Here’ campaign, Volvo CE confirms its ambitious climate plan, which seeks to consistently reduce the life cycle carbon footprint per car through concrete action. During last Volvo Days the company has showcased its leading solutions in the areas of sustainability, electromobility and services.

Highlighting the best of its products, services and people, Volvo Days launches on home ground in Eskilstuna, Sweden, with its most impressive line-up yet including the industry’s widest range of electric machines for a more sustainable construction towards net zero emissions.

And for those who cannot attend the three-week program in person, Volvo CE is offering for the very first time a fully-immersive digital experience that will ensure anyone — wherever they are in the world — can still be a part of the excitement with a new virtual platform being made available in the coming days.

Melker Jernberg, Head of Volvo CE, has affirmed:

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime to act now and play our part in this sustainable revolution. We are firmly determined to follow the part towards a zero emission future and will take the lead in this challenge to reach a net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. Climate change urges us to act now, but the good news is that we are not alone in this journey. Together with our dealers, customers and partners we are working to drive industry transformation to combat climate change.

Melker stresses the importance of working more closely and collaboratively with dealer partners, in order to pursue a seamless integration of digital and traditional solutions to maximize the productivity and efficiencies of their worksites. Volvo already has realized five electric construction machines, the broadest range in the industry, but it’s planning to enlarge its offering, moving towards the heavy-duty range.

As a world leading manufacturer of construction solutions we have the power to make a difference and it starts with us. We want to drive change in our own industry towards net zero emissions but also support our customers to decarbonize their operations. Volvo Days is the perfect opportunity to show how we are achieving these ambitions with ready-today sustainable power solutions. It is a proud moment for me to meet our customers and partners, together with our passionate employees. Through close cooperation in the value chain, we can make this change happen.”

Melker continues.

Through a series of product demonstrations and tours — both physical and virtual — guests can experience the full line-up of Volvo’s electric compact machines and charging solutions as well as the company’s largest electric excavator the EC230 Electric, currently being piloted in Norway.

Taking the technology step into an electrified and automative sight

Demonstrating once again that sustainable solutions are not just a promise for tomorrow, but a real innovation for today, Volvo CE’s growing range of electric machines are providing customers with a cleaner, more silent and more comfortable work environment – but now with an even wider range of choice to best suit their needs.

Also on display is the all new L200H High Lift wheel loader promoting greater productivity and fuel efficiency, and the upgraded L350H wheel loader for superior strength and durability.

Volvo upgraded L350H wheel loader

Also taking center stage are Volvo CE’s ever-expanding range of productivity and uptime services — increasing in importance as the industry transitions from a machine-only perspective to site optimal service solutions. These include the recently launched C02 Reduction Program, offering tailored plans to cut carbon emissions, the Efficient Load Out solution, designed to make every load count with a 95-99% fill rate, the EMMA electric charging application, Connected Map and other digital solutions set to come to the market.

Volvo’s new demo and test track for autonomous solutions, designed in conjunction with Volvo Autonomous Solutions, is also being unveiled to the public for the first time at Volvo Days, enabling a test and demonstration site for battery electric and autonomous transport solutions to make construction sites safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Volvo Trucks, also part of Volvo Group, is another welcome addition to the line-up with its own electric truck present at the show.

Carl Slotte, Head of Sales Region Europe, says:

“This legendary event has always been a proud showcase of our ability to match customer value and increased productivity with more sustainable solutions. And now for the first time we are ensuring all our customers, partners, and stakeholders around the world do not have to miss out on the thrill of Volvo Days with an omnichannel marketing approach that also ensures we live up to our promise to work more sustainably.”

Safety, productivity and sustainability improvements, built together with Volvo’s dealers and strategic partners are the core of Volvo’s strategy for the following years, in any of its market. Hydraulic solutions have been requested in many markets, progressively replacing old combustion engines. In the past few years, almost the 50% of Volvo’s customers have significantly reduced their emissions.

As Slotte states,

“The path to net zero is a process that combines data, connectivity and site solutions. By working closely together, we can accelerate change and help you make significant progress – one step at a time. Every single step on the path towards sustainability is important. The ultimate challenge? Have a 100% compact electric range”.

Our HeavyQuip Journalist with Volvo CE President Melker Jernberg (on the left) and Bill Law, Volvo CE Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications (on the right)

A tailored- made customer solutions Program

But how can sustainability goals be integrated with tailored-made customer’s needs?

As Niklas Nillroth, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Volvo CE has demonstrated, the recently launched customer program CO₂ Reduction Program, aims at help customers tackle their carbon footprints with tailored-made solutions.

“Of course we want to create revenue for our customers and for ourselves but it is also important that the service helps the customer to solve their issues. Our intention is to offer a service that is actually putting them in the position of solving their own day-to-day problems, making them more efficient, more competitive in the market. For us the partnership with our clients is the new way of leadership.”

Nillroth affirms.

The Program follows a four-step approach:

  1. DATA COLLECTION: Using telematics data from connected machines, Volvo CE is able to collect data and set them as a baseline for the CO2 footprint for all machines on site – no matter the brand.
  2. DATA ANALYSIS: Analyzing the customer’s machine data and conduct previously collected, it is possible to understand how the material flow, the fleet composition, and the operator behavior, with specific insight on where to act and where to make improvements.
  3. IMPROVE: After identifying the specific actions required, Volvo CE helps the customer to implement them. This will vary from customer to customer, but Volvo CE is there to support with key services such as operators training and a progressively but efficiently digital integration support.
  4. SUSTAIN: At this stage the customer will already start seeing the rewards of their efforts, both economically and environmentally. However, the final step is for Volvo CE to support in sustaining these efforts, by continuously monitoring the CO2 level over time, to make sure that the improvements reduce emissions and customers do not slip back into old habits. The program then starts again from the first stage, completing and starting the cycle over again.

Following the sustainable path

To conclude, what to expect from the following years? As Adriano Merigli, Head of Sales Region International says,   as a solutions-based company, Volvo CE is taking the electromobility challenge seriously, providing its best offering for a more sustainable way of working. His words seems to reassume the urgency and the seriousness of Volvo’s challenge:

“We live in a world where sustainability requirements are increasing by the minute. With a mix of products and services capable of driving real change today while securing a better world for tomorrow.”