Moldtech Patents a New Hydraulic-Unit Based Way for Concrete Panels Manufacturing

Moldtech has completely redesigned the way of making concrete panels. With a revolutionary system of height-adjustable lateral shutters with a hydraulic arm which allows manufacturing panels to the required dimensions, effortless, in an automated, fast, and uncomplicated way.

Through a hydraulic unit and by means of a touch screen, we control the tables from one central point, likewise we supply a remote control to control all the processes in a simple and intuitive way.

The tables are designed to manufacture concrete panels with a thickness ranging from 16 cm to 30 cm and with a length in accordance with the specifications of the client. Using the best construction materials we have perfected this equipment for extraordinary performance.

The FLEXS system allows us to create panels with a maximum width of 4 meters and a minimum width of 2 meters with a simple, easy and comfortable movement.

Both the movements of the table and the vibration system can be executed with a single remote control, a single operator controlling all movements, lifting and vibration tasks.

Forget tedious adjustment tasks, the flexs system makes it extremely easy and runs in minutes, etc.