CIFA Launches First Full-Electric Truck Pump of the New Energya Electric Brand

CIFA is at Bauma 2022, at the stand of its parent company Zoomlion
(FS 905/2), where it is showcasing its latest innovation in the Energya electric brand: the K42E truck pump. As revealed at the Bauma Media Dialogue in June, this model adds to CIFA’s eco-sustainable range -the first and only one in the concrete sector – and carries the slogan: “more than a range, an ecosystem”. The aim is to eliminate CO2 and noise emissions throughout the supply chain from transport to laying of the concrete by expanding the possibilities of using high-performance vehicles in areas where noise pollution and CO2 emissions are prohibited. The special feature of the Energya K42E pump is that the battery allows it to always operate in full electric mode.

As Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA, explained:

“The Energya brand has been a revolution for the sector ever since its launch in 2013, presaging such current concerns as the importance of electrification for sustainability, automation and connectivity. Indeed, these have become prerogatives for all CIFA machines – by using the digitisation of management systems and remote monitoring (CIFA Vista). We are proud to have been pioneers in a traditional sector such as the concrete industry, which is becoming aware of the need to change and adapt in an evolving global situation. The concrete sector has three approaches to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda: the introduction of low-impact materials and processes, durability of the equipment and the reduction of CO2 emissions on site. CIFA has been on the right track for many years, and has taken a further step forward with Energya K42E.”

Energya K42E is a powerful truck pump which can operate in full electric mode without compromising performance. It includes many technological innovations that revolutionise the idea of a concrete pump, reducing consumption and emissions but with the same consistent performance as a traditional model. The boom extends for up to 42 metres, and consists of five sections with the last two made from carbon fibre. A unique feature of the Carbotech range, this clever solution optimises the weight of the machine without
compromising its sturdiness and reliability. As with all models in the series, the Energya K42E takes its cue from aviation design, combining ruggedness with functionality. The international team of designers responsible for the Energya brand focused on its simple, precise contours, making full use of special materials and high tech solutions. All with the unique flavour of Italian design.

 How does it work?
The K42E is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that uses a 30 Amp Hour Cell battery pack to power two Rexroth electric motors: the first drives the hydraulic pump to move the boom and open the outriggers; while the second drives the pumping unit (with a closed circuit and maximum capacity of 160 m3/hour at 80 bar) and other services. If the job requires higher performance than the batteries can provide, the new Energya pump
can be connected directly to an electrical outlet on site. The system will then cut out the batteries and power the electric motors directly (a 40-metre power cable is included). This means the system will continue to operate with the Diesel engine of the truck switched off and therefore without emitting exhaust gas and noise. In the case of a complete lack of electrical sources, an emergency system allows you to connect the K42E to the truck’s power take-offs and therefore use the engine to complete the work and close the boom and outriggers. The charging process is quick and easy and the integrated battery charger is compatible with the 220V system. The Energya pump is equipped with CIFA’s best technological solutions, in the form of Smartronic Gold which incorporates the advanced stability control (ASC) system, and the MBE function for unfolding the boom in sync with the outriggers.

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