The New Cat Scraper 651 Enhances Productivity in Moving Materials

With its impressive performance data, the Cat 651 scraper train represents an alternative to the transport systems commonly used today in heavy earthmoving. Scrapers, formerly the dominant ones in large earth movements construction machines, are less used in Germany today, but they still form machines, assuming suitable operating conditions, the most powerful and most effective systems in heavy earthmoving.

The new single-engine scraper Cat 651, mostly used in fleets for long, flat transport distances from 200 to 2500 meters in length, comes with a capacity in Mining bucket of 33.6 m3 heaped and a payload of 46.4 tons.

Scrapers load themselves into unmatched short time, transport quickly at over 50 km/h and can also dump, distribute and compress the transported material by driving over it. In addition to the scraper fleet, hardly any other construction machinery is needed, Cat has redesigned its scrapers and equipped them with state-of-the-art technology. That’s why the use of scrapers for many construction projects today is again highly topical.

The single-engine scraper Cat 651 has been completely redesigned: drive train, control,
Hydraulics and frames have been redesigned to ensure high productivity and low operating costs. The new transport machine, mostly in fleets for long, flat transport distances from 200 to 2500 meters in length, comes with a capacity in the mining bucket of 33.6 m3 and a payload of 46.4 tons and can compared to the Cat 773G, especially in sandy and clay soils
these machines achieve high removal and transport with a Cat D10 or D11 dozer, the new scraper achieves ultra-fast loading times, even in use under abrasive or rocky conditions.

The new electronic scraper control APECS (Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System) integrates engine, transmission and complete drivetrain for fast shifting, allowing more material to move faster. The electronic clutch pressure control in conjunction with the control of the injection electronics simultaneously enables smoother gear and direction changes and thus more driving comfort. The short gear changes also prevent the loss of speed when changing gears. The Cat 651 is of course powered with a Cat engine: the type Cat C18 has 469 kW (638 hp) and meets the EU stage V. The maximum speed of 56 km/h ensures fast turnaround times together with the 8-speed gearbox, the right gear ratio for every application ready holds.

High operating comfort

With the spacious and fully equipped cabin, the Cat 651 offers easy access and
exemplary working comfort for the operator. For better visibility, the controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning have been lowered, including the pedal arrangement has been optimized according to ergonomic aspects. The new comfort seat with cushioned
Suspension stop rotates up to 30 degrees to the right for loading and offers more
adjustment options in the direction of travel for every driver size The adjustable armrest of the seat is aligned in such a way that the controls are always optimally accessible.

The new generation of construction machines is also equipped with electro-hydraulic pilot control, which enables sensitive and smooth operation when steering and when digging worried. Three cameras of the optional Work Area Vision System show the view of the cutting edge of the bucket, as well as the area on the right side and back of the machine on a colour display in the cabin. The optional Sequence Assist assistance system reduces up to 14 individual operations per cycle at the touch of a button.

Transport more efficiently

A special warm-up function for the gear oil shortens the warm-up phase of the machine
and allows faster start at low temperatures Together with Sequence Assist the optional Payload Estimator weighing system is available. It uses the lift cylinder pressure to determine the payload plus/minus 5 percent and thus an optimal load ensuring the machine, no calibration or adjustments are required. With the new speed control, the driver sets the speed on the track and the machine then optimizes engine speed and gear selection for the most economical operation. When the machine speeds up downhill, the compression brake automatically switches on.
Hydraulic multi-disc disc brakes in oil bath replace the compressed air operated conventional brakes of the previous model for more braking performance and significantly reduced pad wear.

The Cat fleet management – of course at Cat construction machines of this size – plays
an important role in optimising transport processes and improving machine maintenance. Available on desktop or mobile or particularly easy to use, the Cat App helps Cat fleet management capture transported material volumes and
fuel consumption, when managing machine sites, tank stations,
Operating hours and maintenance schedules, gives warnings for necessary maintenance
or error messages and helps with the request of services at Zeppelin.

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