25 Leading Italian Companies in Vegas: an Overlook

With the next CONEXPO-CON/AGG being less than a month away, construction pros can officially start the final countdown to a next-level experience. The 2023 edition of the largest construction trade show in North America will be held at Las Vegas Convention Center, March 14-18, 2023 with unexpected numbers: over 1,800 exhibitors will display the latest construction equipment innovations and novelties on a 2.7M sq feet ground. Visitors numbers are also beyond expectations: with a full 4-day-program of live demonstrations and industry leading education, CONEXPO current pace of attendee is nearly double what it was in the 2020 editions.

Among the 1,800 exhibitors expected to join the event, Italy will be present with a 6400 square ft dedicated Pavilion organized by the Italian Trade Agency with the support of the three major Italian Associations: Unacea, ANIMA and UCoMESA. The Italian booth, will represent 25 Italian Leading Companies, covering all fields of construction equipment manufacturing.

Networking Experience at Happy Hour time: ITA Trade agenda for CONEXPO

The Italian Pavilion (Silver Lot 1 Booth 5042) will be the ideal ground to network and connect with the best Italian construction machinery manufacturers, with each participating company eager to share their expertise and knowledge with attendees.

Moreover, the four days will also be the occasion to enjoy a lively and engaging networking experience: a full program of hosts, events, presentations and refreshments will be held for all visitors every afternoon from 3 to 5 pm, during the “Happy Hour networking event” organized by ITA Trade Agency.

Here below an overlook of Italian Daily Happy Hour experience at CONEXPO:

  • March 14th – The ribbon cutting ceremony of the Italian Pavilion with representatives of ITA and UNACEA.
  • March 15th – Network with the American Associated Equipment Distributors.
  • March 16th – Explore the US market of construction machinery with data and insight from AEM.
  • March 17th – latest trends and insights in the construction building machinery industry in the USA with KHL, the global, diversified media business focused on construction

Also, ITA announces the introduction of the Italian Pavilion Booth Crawl Challenge being held every day of the show in Vegas.

25 Leading Italian Companies in Vegas: an overlook

The flagship of Italian construction manufacture stands high in Vegas. Among the 25 Italian companies represented by Italian trade Agency, visitors can find the excellence of Made in Italy for the construction equipment industry.

Here below a more in-depth presentation of the Italian companies attending CONEXPO.


Visit GBM Building Equipment Website

With more than seventy years of experience in the production of building equipment, GBM Building Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers of building props and scaffoldings in Italy. For years, GBM has been exporting across the world for construction and maintenance works. Its wide range of accessories will help solving any challenges at the worksite including external brackets for cantilevered solutions and unloading decks at different heights of the building.

Providing customized solutions (new products as well as second-hand ones) the GBM line of scaffolding and props comes with diversified scaffolding designed to meet every constructor’s needs.

Top quality row materials, high durability standards and harsh conditions-resistance, guarantee the fulfilment of safety conditions by providing anti-shearing and anti-slip-off systems.

However, GBS is much more than manufacturing props: working alongside professionals in a variety of international market, has made the company a synonym of reliability and a strong example of typical Italian made in Italy manufacturing.


Visit A.C.S.A website

A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings is an Italian hot steel forging company, which has always dedicated to sustainable technological development, both for the quality of forged steel products and for the respect of present and future generations. Its 85 years of experience have been significantly improving for the company, who has specialized its production of hot forged and extruded steel products suppling a variety of sectors: from automotive to agriculture, earth movement, Oil&Gas, aerospace, marine, railway, machinery construction and others.

Flexibility, reliability and attention to the environment are reflected in all the activities that are part of the production process and which include, among others, die design and production, calibration, magnet particle inspection, coining and shot blasting.


Visit OUTSET website

Outset has been offering haulage contractors professional solutions to control and manage on-board weighing since 1999. It was the first company in Italy to introduce on-board weighing systems for all types of industrial vehicles (trucks, articulated lorries, tractors and semi-trailers, vans), earthmoving and logistics machinery. Its over thirty years of experience have resulted in the production of high-tech instruments to optimize customers work, maximizing the advantages of precise and efficient weighing while loading: rationalizing time, reducing operating costs, making haulage safer, in full compliance with the rules of the road, making the risk of administrative and criminal fines a thing of the past.

Outset operates both in Italy and abroad, pairing Italian manufacturing excellent expertise with a constant attention to new market trends, working on the field, to deliver on-board weighing systems that can meet any specific requirements.


Visit Condor website

Condor is one of the main European companies active in the production of scaffolding, formwork and shoring that find many applications in the building industry as well as in restoration, entertainment sector, naval industry, industrial maintenance and Oil&Gas.

The modularity of Condor scaffolding and formwork makes possible extreme design solutions and complex geometries that meet with increasing consensus worldwide. The continuous attention, by the Condor Research and Development Centre, towards the safety of operators at height has led to the development of RISK FREE scaffolding.


Visit Emiliana Serbatoi website

EMILIANA SERBATOI has been a leading producer of equipment, devices and systems for storage, transport and delivery of petroleum products and liquids in general since its founding. Servicing areas as divers as construction, agriculture, oil and gas sectors, military and governmental sectors, transport field, over the last 35 years EMILIANA SERBATOI has gained a reputation as the leader in the Design, Production, Supply of fuelling systems to clients and customers in both the European and Global Markets.

Emiliana Serbatoi’s main objective is to offer the best solutions to customers, in terms of reliable, safe and effective products in its range of fuel tanks and storage systems. This is further achieved by following directions from the markets, thus by always paying the utmost attention to the needs expressed by the company’s commercial partners all around the world. On this avant-garde pathway, the synergies developed with the dealers and subjects present within the various local markets proves fundamental in supporting actions aimed at presiding over the international markets, thus allowing the company to be ready for the solicitations and requests coming from all the five continents.


Visit Safi Group website

Safi is an Italian leading company in the production of mast climbing work platforms (single and twin mast), material hoists and elevator construction. SAFI products are customized to client specifications, providing a comprehensive service that includes an accurate study and a unique design solution fitting a specific work or installation.

SAFI brand has been in the market of access equipment for nearly 50 years and offers a wide range of rack and pinions systems such as mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, hoists and material hoists.

The wide range of SAFI brand includes standard solutions with various lengths and heights for mast climbing platforms as well as several payloads and heights for transport platforms, material hoists, passenger and material hoists.


Visit Mantovani Benne website

“History that creates innovation” this is the motto of Mantovanibenne, a leading Italian company for the production of excavator buckets based in Mirandola, Italy. In the ‘80s and ‘90s the company specialized in the production of hydraulic attachments for demolition, a step that significantly affected the company’s future and which confirmed its worldwide recognition for the revolutionoary demolition attachments.

Mantovanibenne is today leader of the international MBI Group, which designs, manufactures and markets the MBI brand all around the world. The group cooperates with a worldwide dealer network made up of subsidiaries of the group and authorized dealers, whose aim is to guarantee customers satisfaction  at any latitude and export the made in Italy quality and expertise.


Visit Industrial Lift website

Industrial Lift is a company born ten years ago and specialized in the production and design of lifting and handling systems, with a particular focus on nautical, marine and industrial industry. The corporate philosophy is to evaluate the needs of the customers in order to satisfy their requests for designing and realizing custom made machines that help the lifting process. With this modern and future-oriented imprint, as well as with the new materials, machinery and advanced technologies, Industrial Lift is able to realize a product of undisputed quality.

Industrial Lift travel lifts can be used in all docks for hauling and launching boats ensuring maximum safety and reliability. In order to meet the needs of the operators, all the machines are equipped with an electronic steering control system that allows the perfect alignment of the wheels in all conditions, without forcing the operator to make frequent manual alignments necessary with conventional systems. The 90° steering system (optional) ensures excellent manoeuvrability of the machines with very small turning radii, allowing perfect functionality even in very narrow spaces.


Visit Dagso Pumps website

Dagso Pumps is specialised in the design and production of pumps and electric pumps for use with dirty water, slurry and sewage with viscosities up to 7 E.

Its revolutionary pump system offers huge benefits compared to traditional pumps and is ideal for many different applications in many different fields from industry to the construction industry, complying to any pumping application and demands while maintaining high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The revolutionary idea behind its pumps consists of a volute-disk inside the pump body that acts as armouring, protecting the impeller and at the same time is entirely interchangeable as additional benefit. The volute has no internal built-in screws and so it is easily replaceable when the pump is worn out.

Dagso Pumps can be considered a modular system due to its surprising adaptability and the possibility of multiple solutions, resulting in a wide range of possible, and very often innovative applications.


Visit Drago website

Drago is an Italian manufacturer that has developed an interesting solution for tipper bodies in kit form. The basic idea makes it possible to solve the problems generated by welding and to prevent possible risks, especially when working in very heavy contexts. The bolted joint, in fact, has superior elasticity and durability qualities compared to the welded one.

This type of caisson has made it possible to develop modular elements that are cross-suited to different types of markets. Drago supplies skips for both the quarry-site transport world and for agricultural applications. A range consisting of skips for semi-trailers, for tractor-trailers and for agricultural trailers that also allows for easy shipping and assembly directly at the customer’s site.

The modularity set up by Drago’s kit design has allowed the manufacturer to competitively address markets that are far from national, even developing specific solutions such as, for example, those designed for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Kuwait, Romania, Qatar and Brazil.


Visit Kiwitron website

Kiwitron designs, develops and manufactures hi-tech solutions to bring efficiency, safety and sustainability in all industrial fields. The company aim is to bring innovation and energy efficiency to fleet with intelligent sensors, fleet management systems and big data analysis. Kiwitron has devised a proximity system with artificial intelligence capable of detecting pedestrians, signs and forklifts on the ground: Kiwi-Eye activates the slowdown of the car in the event of a risk of collision. Thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence, depth camera and RGB, the detection system is able to differentiates between people and obstacles in ever-changing environments and is useful to improve warehouse safety, avoid collisions and prevent accidents.

The company is based in Bologna (Italy) but also has a subsidiary in Lyon (France) and is continuously working to expand its team and markets.


Visit Officine Malaguti website

Malaguti is engaged in the design and manufacture of earthmoving equipment.

Its excavating equipment is designed to be mounted on excavators and used in a variety of areas, from construction, road building to agriculture.

Front attachments are suitable for skid loaders, mini skid loaders and loaders which can be used in the agricultural and construction sectors, but also in the wine, road and forestry sectors.

The company’s core business is the production of compacting plates and front augers. The first is a vibrating plate used to compact the backfill material and ensure a solid and homogeneous bottom, essential for guaranteeing the safety of the entire construction.


Visit Idromeccanica Italiana website

Since 1975 Idromeccanica Italiana has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic breakers and equipment for excavation and construction works. Always carring out the flagship of Made in Italy high quality standards.

With high quality standards together with enabling the highest level of traceability of the materials used in the production of our goods and the heat treatments applied to them.


Visit Tracmec website

TracMec designs and builds undercarriages for drills, cranes and other tracked machines. All the design and construction steps are carried out in the Mordano plant (Italy), where TracMec is headquartered.

TracMec is a young company, whose expertise has consolidated through the years thanks to the collaboration with German leading industrial company Bauer.

TracMec is the solution for the outsourcing of the complete undercarriage, fixed or extendable, for tracked machines from 20 to 300 tons of weight.

In order to comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations, particularly for mining or quarrying sites, TracMec also produces electric undercarriage, allowing to limit or eventually limit the use of hydraulic oil.


Visit Neron Pumps website

Neròn has been producing hydraulic high pressure cleaning pumps for professional washing for the industrial field.

Thanks to the patent, owed by the company itself, Neròn can supply hydraulic tools for professional and industrial uses, driven with three axial oil moved pistons resulting from a synchronic movement, proper of the patent, that makes this little tool unique and exclusive.

Thanks to their strength and power, Neron Pumps are suitable to be installed on mobile machines, solving all the problems connected to the high pressure and water technology.


Visit Mediapoint website

In a world where business is required to be as competitive as possible and to cover as wide a range of markets as possible, the need for operators to communicate with both existing and potential customers is increasingly compelling. With over 30 year of experience, Mediapoint aims to connect companies to market users, thanks to media and adv campaigns on classic media such as newspapers, but also thanks to digital tools such as websites and trade shows/conventions.

Mediapoint represents and organize international exhibitions and events such as Hydrogen Expo, GIS, Pipeline&Gas Expo, PRS Plastics Recycling Show Middle East & Africa, to name a few.

The company has already been working in 30 different operating sectors, both in Italy and abroad, and is ready to expand its presence and present its services to U.S. companies.


Visit Oleoweb website

Oleoweb since 2004 is a hydraulic valves and components manufacturer for the hydraulic market that has the goal of becoming a reference point in Europe and worldwide, thanks to the relationships developed with its customers in more than 50 countries.

The production of electric and hydraulic valves are used on lifting and construction machinery, industrial vehicles and agriculture applications. Oleoweb hydraulic valves are interchangeable with other brands in the sector and can be customized for specific needs.

The design and construction of hydraulic and electric components, entirely made in Italy, is the result of years of solid technical experience, production and sales of our team in the hydraulic field.


Visit Carmix website

Carmix is a leading Italian Company in cutting-edge technology of off road, self loading concrete mixers. Producing machines which are easy to use, and ideal for producing and distributing concrete at the most difficult sites, in the most congested traffic or on the remotest islands has always been the company main goal.

In a market characterized by generalist companies, Carmix is instead a highly specialized company that offers unbeatable quality. With its 100% European production, which means that the entire supply chain is strictly controlled, Carmix offers the highest standards to guarantee reliability and performance. The extensive know-how in the sector developed through the years has shaped a cutting-edge technology which has revolutionized the concept of the “concrete mixer” in order to provide solutions that meet even the most complex requirements.


Visit Edil Euganea website

Edil Euganea is an Italian family business that builds prefabricated monoblocks for sale and hire. Edil Euganea brand prefabs are suitable for construction sites as they can be easily lifted and moved with cranes and forklifts. All assembled prefabs are equipped with four corner hooks installed on the roof.

The company, which has been present on the Italian and European market since 1957, guarantees tailor-made and customized solutions.


Visit Settima Meccanica website

Settima Meccanica was established in 1978, with the aim of producing high technology three screw pumps for the lift & elevators industry, capable of minimizing noise emissions and pulsations in hydraulic circuits. Over time, thanks to the continuous attention dedicated the to customer needs the company has specialized in various fields, increasing the product portfolio and becoming one of the leading Italian manufacturer of no noise pumps, both for low & high pressure applications.

The company owns the patent for a new range of helical rotor external gear pumps which became famous with the trademark Continuum, and which is the first NO NOISE and NO VIBRATIONS pump for high pressure and high-speed applications.


Visit 76 Industrial Design website

For over 45 years, 76 Industrial Graphics has served the industry by meeting the requirements of manufacturers of agricultural machines, earthmoving equipment, fork lift trucks and industrial equipment. 76 Industrial Graphics offers construction companies and manufacturers a variety of services which are made to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their industrial vehicles.

The company production includes 3D logos and graphics, aluminium plates, industrial wrappings, stickers, polycarbonate and resin coatings. The efficiency, precision and long lasting resistance of the products, have already conquered top industry market companies in over 15 countries.


Visit Mechbadger website

“One machine…many jobs!”: this is Mechbadger motto. Mechbadger is an Italian innovative startup whose aim is to produce hi-tech devices that offer support for professionals in building, agriculture, and aerial maintenance works. Mechbadger MP01 is the company’s top product and is a compact multifunction construction material handling machine suitable to work in narrowest space and rough terrain and to accelerate material handling time at construction sites.

Designed and developed entirely in ITALY, it represents an excellent multifunctional machine, which can be used on any surface with extreme precision thanks to its compact size and ergonomic controls.


Visit Mini Top website

With over 27 years of experience in the international market, Minitop rubber tracks have become a benchmark for construction dealers and a true European landmark for the supply of rubber tracks for mini excavators.

Minitop tracks are realized with the highest quality standards and are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. The company patented Tracksformer, an innovative system which is able to increase the performance of any tracked skid loader, everywhere and at all times.


Visit SIBO website

The 40 years of activity and experience in the production of hardened steel bushes, have made SIBO gain a strong know-how and sound experience quickly becoming a leading Italian equipment manufacturing company of construction and drilling machines, agricultural machinery, and oil hydraulic cylinders and equipment. SIBO has a production capacity of over 2 million bushes/year thanks to its modern and regularly renewed range of machinery. The company has always been closely focused on market changes and its primary goal has always been customer.

satisfaction, an objective pursued by providing utmost cooperation, flexibility and transparency.


Visit M3 Metalmeccanica Moderna website

M3 MetalMeccanicaModerna is a company with a high level of experience in both building industry and earth moving sectors. The company holds the original patent of its  concrete mixing buckets offering the earth moving sector a wide range of products.

Sweeper buckets, angular sweepers, industrial sweepers, quick couplers, pallet plates, grader blades, snow blades, brush cutters: all the products in the M3 range are applicable to any type of earth moving machine.


Visit Remdevice website

Remdevice mission is to “build bridges to make human creativity meet the power of technology”. The company offers industrial radio controls that allow customers to control machines and equipment remotely, in total safety, moving freely with greater visibility, comfort and flexibility.

Thanks to the induction of charging and low-consumption electronics, Remdevice products can operate for 35 consecutive hours. The wireless systems are equipped with an integrated battery that last up to 1000 hours. The company supplies the world market ensuring 100% compliance with the strict standards in any country.



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