Interviw to Dieci CEO Ciro Correggi Announcing Launch of New Telehandler Range

Dieci define 2022 as a year of fresh starts, beginning with trade shows, which have once again been attracting the leading companies in the sector, dealers, customers and suppliers, following the forced interruption caused by the pandemic. They provide an opportunity for meeting and sharing, presenting new models, strengthening relationships, and reflecting together on the potentially surprising innovations coming up in the near future.

The company discusses in depth the highlights of last year, while also touching on successes and future objectives, in the company of the CEO Ciro Correggi.

Let’s start on a positive note: it’s safe to say that trade fairs finally made a permanent return in 2022, with huge turnouts of visitors and exhibitors. What can you tell me about your participation in what are arguably the sector’s two biggest trade fairs, namely Bauma and EIMA?

This year, trade fairs have undoubtedly enjoyed positive results, with turnouts exceeding even pre-COVID levels. The social aspect has definitely been the big draw of these events, and for us that pushed sales into the background, particularly since our order portfolio is already quite full.

For dealers and customers, as well as for the company itself, there was clearly a real need to participate in order to touch base again and exchange ideas. In this exceptional period Dieci is experiencing, from the perspective it also really wanted to meet with suppliers, to understand the current situation and present the new products in its range. Overall Dieci is very satisfied with what it got out of the event.

Trade fairs always provide an opportunity to announce new products and this year there were several: at bauma you presented the new Pegasus range. What can you tell us about these new models?

The new Pegasus telehandlers were a big hit with both customers and curious visitors alike, so much so that Dieci didn’t receive any suggestions for improvements or integrations. The lineup captivated everyone and the feedback the company got, was that it complements an already popular and well-established range.

It’s also worth mentioning the new Pegasus 60.35 in the Elite line, which spans 35 metres and was very well received by both customers and dealers, who now have one more model to offer.

Before we move onto the new releases at EIMA, let’s talk about the Hybrid Boost System, which earned DIECI the prestigious EIMA 2022 Technical Innovation award. What are the advantages of this system?

The main advantage of the Hybrid Boost System relate to the engine: with this system, the 79 kW engine (with urea-SCR technology) is replaced with a system consisting of a diesel engine plus a Hybrid Pack capable of reaching 55 + 10 kW, without urea. That way the company avoids energy waste, whilst also ensuring that customers get high performance due to the hybrid kit.

This new innovation is very important, because it meets the growing need for power, anticipating future demand. Today the world is heading towards greener solutions that focus heavily on electric power and rely less on diesel, with the guarantee of consistently excellent performance. All of this becomes possible thanks to the Hybrid Boost System.

The new Hybrid model was exhibited in the competition winners’ hall, while another important new release was showcased at your stand: the Agri Max Power X2, developed in partnership with Dana Inc. This new telehandler has been called the first of its kind in the world. Why is that?

The Agri Max Power X2 is the first telehandler to be fitted with a HVT1 transmission and Dieci is really satisfied with this product, thanks also to all the positive feedback it has received in the short time since its launch.

This transmission enables the telehandler to reach a top speed of 50 km/h and deliver performance that no telescopic handler has ever achieved. Its success has been resounding, it has already received numerous purchase enquiries and production is currently underway.

Construction vehicle rental has become the norm in the construction industry, but recently we have also begun hearing about Agricultural Rental. For example, this year one of your partners, which has been renting out construction vehicles for years, bought ten Agri Max telehandlers to be used for agricultural rental, as it’s a vehicle that is particularly suited to the rental market owing to its versatility and intuitive use. Do you think there are also growth opportunities for Agricultural Rental?

In recent months, one of the company’s loyal customers purchased a number of agricultural telehandlers for rental purposes. They were the first customer to enter this field, and Dieci is delighted that they had very positive feedback right from the start.

Even though it’s a new trend, unlike construction rental which is already well established, I believe that this market will also make good headway in terms of numbers, although Dieci will have to wait a few more years to see the actual results. We should always consider that here in Italy, unlike countries such as France, where rental hire was being talked about as early as the 90s, this market has only developed in the last ten years. However, the conditions are very positive.

How is 2023 shaping up? Are there any more new developments in the pipeline? What major events do you plan on attending?

In 2023 Dieci will start selling the Agri Max Power X2 and it will also start with the hybrid vehicle, where for the engine a partnership with Kubota has been undertaken. Also this year, a new rotating telehandler range will be launched with the first Pegasus 60.35.

Finally, there will be no shortage of new developments in this 2023. Dieci is preparing for the new trade fair season, which will take the company to Agritechnica 2023 in November.

Dieci CEO Ciro Correggi.

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