At Intermat Dieci Will Showcase the New Icarus and the Full Electric Apollo-e 26.6

At Intermat, Dieci will showcase its construction range: from the new fixed telehandler Icarus 45.17 to the new rotating range and the Full Electric Apollo-e 26.6.

Dieci Pegasus Range

Ease of use and operability are the key factors characterizing the new Pegasus range of rotating telehandlers. Machines designed to offer extraordinary loading and outreach capabilities and optimized performance thanks to numerous technological innovations.

At the Dieci stand, the following will be exhibited:

Pegasus Essential 40.18, a 400° non-continuous rotation telehandler. Designed for the rental market is targeted at users looking for a reliable and essential product, to make their daily work easier, safer and more productive;

Pegasus Classic 75.25, a versatile and high-performing vehicle in every working condition. Among the innovations of this line is the Dual Energy predisposition, a removable kit that enables the vehicle to be used without starting the internal combustion engine, ensuring zero emissions and quiet operation;

Pegasus Elite 60.35, the top-of-the-range capable of combining the potential of the Classic line with Easy Tech System technology, designed to exponentially increase ease of use, efficiency, comfort, and safety.

Pegasus Elite: New Features for the Dieci Rotating Telehandler Cab

The innovation of the new Pegasus 60.35 starts from the Easy Tech System, a new hardware and software platform developed by the internal R&D department of Dieci, which ensures data processing comparable to that of the most modern cars. Guaranteeing greater performance and incredible functionalities:

  • Greater precision and control of movements, thanks to the possibility of setting maximum threshold parameters;
  • Automatic arm movement, according to the 6 selectable working modes (Normal, Soft, Heavy, Eco, Wall, Floor);
  • Anti Tilt System-Pro, new advanced anti-tilt system with block of aggravating movements, based on dynamic calculation of workloads and installed equipment.
  • Load sensing pump with electronic control, for dynamic and in-depth setting according to working conditions and equipment used.

Characterized by high performance, 6000 kg capacity, a lifting height that reaches 35 meters, the advantages that Pegasus Elite offers to companies operating in the construction sector and in the rental market start from the cabin, whose internal design has been completely redesigned in terms of operational intuitiveness and new intelligent controls. The goal has always been to implement a new concept of machine control, ensuring simplified and safer functionalities.

In addition to standard controls, the advanced features implemented on the Pegasus Elite rotating telehandler can also be controlled from the display, allowing for the management of the following with just a few clicks:

  • 6 working modes;
  • Attached equipment and related load chart;
  • Soft Motion Function which slows down movements according to the load being carried and the machine’s configuration, in order to reduce dynamic effects and end-of-stroke shocks;
  • Easy Work System, an advanced software system that automatically adjusts the loading capacity based on the position of the outriggers and the machine’s support surface to stop any aggravating movement in case of overloading;
  • “limits” function, designed to allow the work to be carried out in complete safety. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to demarcate the working area, moving the boom within a safe zone that has been delimited in relation to walls and ceilings.

Apollo-e: Dieci’s Electric Telehandler

In line with one of the main themes of Intermat “Connected and Low-Carbon Construction Sites”, Dieci will bring to the exhibition the electric world of DIECI-e, showcasing Apollo-e, the first full electric telehandler from Dieci.

With unique and flexible performance, this 100% green telescopic handler maintains the chassis of the traditional Apollo 26.6 model, representing the sustainable and innovative version of the vehicle:

  • Maximum load capacity of 2600 kg;
  • Lifting height up to 6 meters;
  • Tractive force equal to a Diesel machine;
  • 19 kW traction motor;
  • 22 kW hydraulic system motor;
  • Availability of 1 to 2 lithium batteries (LiFePo4) providing a maximum power output of up to 44 kWh and the possibility of working a whole day on a single charge.

Modularity is one of this vehicle’s greatest strengths, as it even allows for aftersales configuration for:

  • Changing the number of on-board batteries. An innovative aspect that allows modulating the performance of the vehicle and the purchase cost according to usage requirements;
  • Integrating future functions and plug-ins still being developed by the company’s R&D This allows the customer to optimize their investment, by renewing their vehicle based on future innovations developed in the sector.

Thanks to its electric flexibility, energy savings, and excellent range of usage possibilities, Apollo-e represents an excellent investment opportunity for the rental sector. Rental companies will be able to expand their fleet by investing in a 100% green vehicle that can be adapted to meet their customers’ needs, with the possibility of easily intervening on the battery pack and offering a single or double battery kit according to requests.

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