Malaguti Launches the New Plury Vibration

Malaguti is pleased to present the new PLURY vibration.
With a single machine, it is possible to satisfy various needs on site,
thanks to its versatility and speed in installing numerous accessories
on the drive.

From soil compaction with various models of PLATES and
COMPACTOR WHEELS available, from wider models designed to compact
all types of soils such as trenches, soils, and slopes, to narrower and
taller models that allow you to reach narrow, curved and depth.
Plury can also be accessorised with PILE DRIVING GRAPPLES, designed
for vibro-driving and extraction of wooden, concrete and steel poles;

SHEET PILE CLAMPS, suitable for vibro-driving sheet piles in
different types of terrain, which thanks to the vibration drives the
sheet pile in the ground much more easily!

In the wide range of accessories with which our innovative vibration
drive can be equipped we also find

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