A Closer Look at Develon’s DD100 Dozer Ideal for Fine Grading

Introduced in 2022, the DD100 dozer is making big strides on jobsites in North America. The new DD100 dozer attracted national attention when it was previewed in late 2021; then lived up to the hype in 2022 as the first models made their way across North America. The DD100 dozer was part of the DEVELON booth during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.


The DD100 dozer is at the top of its class for operating weight and horsepower. Ideal for residential and light commercial construction, the dozer’s main task is fine grading.


Productivity is driven by the dozer’s 6-way variable angle pitch blade. The blade moves freely to lift, tilt and angle, and offers 2-way mechanical adjustments to change the blade pitch to control how steeply the blade will dig into the ground. Operators can adjust the blade pitch from 54 to 58 degrees.


Advanced technologies in the new DD100 dozer deliver more precision to help operators meet exacting specifications. A 2D grading system option is available to make precision grading easier, and for further accuracy, Develon offers a 3D machine guidance and machine control option in partnership with Trimble.


One of the biggest differences between the DD100 dozer and other brands is the visibility to the machine’s blade. The narrower design of the front engine compartment makes it easier for operators to see their work. For further visibility and safety, a standard rearview camera provides operators with an additional view of the dozer’s surroundings. Also standard are high-illumination LED lights and four premium wiper blades.

DD100 Dozer Develon

Operator Comfort

DEVELON designed the dozer cab to offer best-in-class operator comfort. It starts with a smooth ride, thanks to an air-suspension artificial leather seat, even when starting and stopping the dozer. The heating and air conditioning system is designed to keep operators comfortable in every season, and front and door glass defrost vents help improve visibility.

A user-friendly, multilingual DEVELON Smart Touch screen displays all important settings and information on one screen. Operators can easily read the touch screen, monitor critical machine functions and control machine settings. The dozer’s cab has a suspension system that dampens vibrations and provides protection against impact.

Fuel Efficiency

The DD100 dozer is powered by a 3.4-liter D34 diesel engine and does not require the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet current emissions standards. Operators can select the dozer’s ECO mode to reduce daily fuel consumption by up to 5% without sacrificing grading performance. This fuel-saving feature lowers the pump power output when working in lower tractive conditions.


The DD100 dozer comes standard with piping for an optional ripper attachment, which features parallel linkage that helps maintain a constant angle to the ground regardless of the height. Also available as an attachment is a towing draw bar, allowing operators to use the dozer to tow other equipment on a jobsite.

DD100 Dozer at work


A key feature in the dozer is its undercarriage design. The design includes both single- and dual-flange rollers for improved durability and long life.


An in-line precleaner improves filter life and is integrated with the air cleaner. It’s also more compact to fit in the smaller engine compartment. Self-cleaning and maintenance-free, the intake system can expel a variety of debris, including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust and chaff. To help minimize fuel-related issues, the DD100 offers a filter-type high-performance water separator, which captures moisture in the fuel and reduces impurities. The fuel filter water separator and the main fuel filter can easily be reached by lifting a panel on the front of the dozer.

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