New Mini Excavator Enter Kubota Family: the 8.5 tonne Hydraulic Model is the Right Tool to Operate in Restricted Spaces

Kubota has enhanced its extensive range of innovative construction machinery with the launch of a new 8.5 tonne mini-excavator, providing operators with advanced performance and superior operation.

Powered by a high power, low emission advanced Kubota built engine, the KX085-5 boasts a robust hydraulic system, giving operators the reliability and operability needed to complete a wide range of jobs quickly and efficiently.

The new mini-excavator can be equipped with a two-piece boom for expanded working range, impressive dumping range, and efficiency in narrow spaces. The innovative hydraulic mechanism enables operators to easily run the arm, boom, bucket, and swivel simultaneously, boosting work efficiency and increasing productivity.

The KX085-5 also boasts innovative high-performance features,  including two auxiliary circuits with adjustable maximum oil flow, load sensing hydraulic system for smoother operation regardless of load size, float function for easy ground finishing, as well as an auto-shift system that offers intuitive control when dozing and turning.

Designed to ensure operators can save energy and running costs, as well as reduce noise and exhaust emissions, the new mini-excavator utilises an auto idling system that will automatically reduce the engine RPM to idling speed when the control levers are left in neutral for longer than four seconds. To support this further, an Engine Auto Stop system comes as standard that will automatically turn off the engine when an adjustable idling time has passed.

The KX085-5 features a newly designed luxurious and spacious cabin, offering a wider entrance, generous legroom and a deluxe double adjustable air suspension seat for greater levels of comfort and operability. In addition, a new full-colour, high resolution 7” LCD digital display screen ensures users can view all relevant operational information at a quick glance. Other features include LED working lights and a rear view camera for improved visibility.

In addition to performance and comfort, the KX085-5 also features a triple opening bonnet and optimum arrangement of internal parts to keep routine service and maintenance quick and simple. The KX085-5 is designed with a shorter rear overhang, ensuring workability in restricted space, increased versatility and better stability. The rear overhang also features cast-iron protectors, which significantly reduce damage to the machine in space restricted work sites.

Available on all Kubota three, five and eight tonne mini-excavators, the KX085-5 utilises Kubota’s innovative tracking system technology, giving operators access to real-time data that can help increase machine efficiency and security.

The intuitive and user-friendly portal can enhance productivity thanks to the constant review and analysis of real-time parameters of parts such as machine work rate, operating times, actual operation, occupancy rate (as a percentage), idling time, DPF regeneration history, water and oil temperatures, and fuel consumption. In addition, the portal provides alerts which show a machine’s faults enabling a fast response and resolution, thus minimising any downtime.

Enhanced security is also achievable as machine owners can view locations via GPS tracking to oversee the movement of the KX085-5. Furthermore, geofencing is available, which allows users to designate specific areas of use, with the portal notifying operators should that machine leave the area.

Other security features include Kubota’s industry leading Anti-Theft System, which ensures only programmed keys can start the engine,

Emanuele Giovannini
Emanuele Giovannini
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