“The Ripper is Now Retrofitted”: Caterpillar Experience with Used machines

The Cat construction machines in their yellow-black design shine on the high gloss polished at the trade fairs of the industry. But with Zeppelin it is tradition of exhibiting not only new machines at a major trade fair like Bauma, but also used machines that already have a moving machine life behind them. These included not only a Cat 336F crawler excavator, but also a Cat Chain dozer D6T XL its obvious signs of use and wear on Drive and shield were a contrast to the latest technology.

To underline the difference between original and obsolete condition, the track and the shield of the caterpillar were only provided with a clear lacquer on one side, so that the bare iron with the wear and tear underneath came out, while the dozer on the other hand was completely in mint condition. In the past, we have used the Cat machines exhibited at the fair. They were then almost indistinguishable from a new machine.

Roger Immig, the Director of the Zeppelin Used Machinery Center in Alsfeld, explains:

“This time we wanted to show the before-after effect and have a half of the shield and
also leave the right drive in its original state, on the right side five centimeters of steel was missing, while the left side already with a new knife was fitted”

The presented Cat D6T XL was from 2018 and not like the other exhibits from 2022. In addition, he had 3 250 hours of operation. What they showed at bauma was in a young state.The model D6T XL is not only interesting for a trade fair, but has a high international value. In order to address as many interested parties as possible, they have chosen a SU sign as a sign.

“We hoped to find a buyer during the bauma”

says Kurt Kerler, Zeppelin Division Manager Used Machinery.

Because this is indeed his colleagues Czech Republic like Stanislav Chládek, CEO at Zeppelin CZ, and Benjamin Kimpel, Head of International Used Machinery Sales. The D6T XL is designed after the bauma of the company Rekultivage Ústí nad Labem, the dozer is ready for ACCU grade control. Also the connection to the fleet management is given via the product link box what the customer can use.

The dozer shown at Bauma was awarded 140 points by Zeppelin at the Alsfeld site tested to receive the Cat Certified Used seal. It identifies used machines with a warranty if they meet the criteria specified by Caterpillar that are monitored during a comprehensive review, including for example, to check joint points, but also the wear and play on bushes and possible leaks and then correct them accordingly. The wear patterns must be at least 50 percent or better, because that’s the only way we can get the CCU label, in order to comply with the requirements of the CCU guarantee, Kraftstrang as well as chassis in good condition and a current inspection certificate.

“We can only issue a guarantee if engine, transmission and hydraulic oil has been tested and defective or heavily worn parts have been replaced. After the bauma, the Zeppelin service will have to put on a hand again,to paint the unprocessed areas and equip the machine with a new blade so that it finally meets the CCU standard”

explains Roger Immig.

Instead of a ripper, the Dozer was exhibited with a counterweight at Bauma.

“The ripper is now retrofitted after the fair – this is also typical for the react flexibly to the requirements of their customers and customize the machines according to their needs, but we don’t need much more so that the dozer can soon start its work in the Czech Republic”

says Roger Immig.
The CCU seal of approval was established in 2004 in order to give customers the
when they buy a used machine. In order for it to be loaned to Cat construction equipment, they are inspected, maintained according to the manufacturer’s strict regulations. Only then can machines get a CCU guarantee for six, twelve or 24 get months. For customers, the warranties are very popular because they give them security. Every year, they bring up to 1,500 machines to market. Their CCU warranty is an absolute success model that also stands for sustainability, because construction machines.

“This enables them to reliably complete another machine life”

Kurt Kerler concludes.


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