Bedrock Attachments Introduces the New Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Grading on angled surfaces can be a challenging task for operators in various industries. To overcome this hurdle and streamline complex ground-shaping operations, Bedrock attachments introduced the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket. This purpose-built attachment offers a heightened level of efficiency and convenience, empowering operators to accomplish intricate tasks with enhanced speed and ease.

The Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket has been engineered with careful consideration to address the specific challenges of grading on angled surfaces. Its integrated design allows for efficient ground-shaping operations, saving valuable time and effort. The bucket’s advanced functionality allows for precise control over ground-shaping operations, enabling operators to achieve desired contours and gradients quickly. This results in reduced project timelines and increased productivity. Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Equipped with user-friendly controls, the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket empowers operators to accomplish intricate tasks with ease. Its intuitive design ensures a smooth and seamless operation, even on challenging surfaces.

To cater to various requirements, the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket is available in different models, each offering specific capacities and widths.



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