Kohler Demo Days in Reggio Emilia (Italy) Focuses on Future Energy Solutions

Inside the historic Reggio Emilia plant, Italy’s home for diesel engine production, Kohler Engines is hosting the first edition of Demo Days.

Divided into two days, one for the Italian press and one for the European media, the event is intended to be an ode to the ongoing support of the press, an exclusive meeting that seamlessly blends professionalism and emotional resonance. Demo Days allows journalists to walk through the doors of Kohler, assimilating its history, touching its engines firsthand, and enjoying its performance thanks to the machines of those who have chosen Kohler Engines as their supplier.

Embodying the very essence of the brand, the event’s unique format shines the spotlight on the real protagonists, Kohler Engines. Engines once again become the vibrant storytellers of a more than century-long history of passion and know-how, telling how they have revolutionized the work of operators.

Demo Days encapsulates Kohler’s commitment to investing in a diverse energy future, providing diverse solutions that meet different customer needs, and showcasing stories of some of the many customers who have chosen Kohler for quality, performance, and economic and environmental sustainability.

“The growth that Kohler Engines has experienced in recent years is the result of tremendous work and close collaboration that has led our customers to becoming true partners, with whom to strengthen value propositions and gain access to different market segments, and to sharing resources such as expertise and infrastructure. Demo Days was designed precisely with this intent. Kohler is proud to have embarked on this extraordinary journey with its customers, and to finally share it with its trusted press through a dedicated event.”

comments Nino De Giglio, Director of Marketing Communications & Channel Management, Kohler Engines.



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