Ammann’s Electric-Drives Plates Maintain Same Efficiency Levels as the Petrol Versions

Ammann’s new eAPF 12/40 and eAPF 12/50 Forward Moving Vibratory Plate Compactors dispel the notion that power must be compromised when using an electric machine.

The Ammann electric-drive plates deliver a maximum vibratory frequency of 100 Hz, the same as the petrol versions. The maximum centrifugal force is 12 kN for both versions.

“They have that power and deliver the benefits of e-drives. The Ammann plates reduce the contractor’s carbon footprint and allow work in confined spaces. They enable permitting on jobs that require e-drive machines. They’re quiet, too, which is important in residential areas.”

said Ralf Brutschin, Strategic Commercial Manager of Light Equipment at Ammann.

Applications include landscape and gardening, pipeline and trench construction, asphalt and paving, and light and medium patchwork.

The electric plates are also great fits for rental houses because of their low maintenance needs, quiet operation, versatility and intuitive control.


The plates’ battery pack charges quickly – and holds its charge, too. The machine can be charged overnight to maximise capacity the next day. If needed, it can be charged for a shorter period during a shift and then quickly returned to work.

The same battery pack powers both the Ammann e-plate and e-rammer – and likely additional Ammann machines in the future. This provides convenience and promotes uptime.

The plate utilises lithium iron phosphate batteries, which maximise safety. The batteries and their advanced management system are particularly robust and resistant to high temperatures, overcharging, and mechanical damage.

Other benefits of the e-plates could be improved control: the electric drives provide better speed and torque control, which translate to more precise and efficient compaction.
Improved efficiency means a reduction in the time and labor required to achieve compaction and reduced maintenance costs. There are no fuel or oil filters to purchase or dispose of, which provides significant cost savings after the sale. Time spent on maintenance is significantly reduced, too, as is machine downtime for servicing.


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