Working in Tight Spaces Made Easier with Genie GS-1932 E-Drive Scissor Lift

To support its customers who need smaller lifts when working in tight spaces, HSS Hire has taken delivery of 100 Genie GS-1932 E-Drive scissor lifts. HSS Hire, which has hundreds of depots across the UK and Ireland, says it expects its new lifts to be popular choices for the pharmaceutical industry and data centres across Ireland.

“The GS-1932 E-Drive is the preferred model of machine with our key customers. The size makes them easy to pass through single or double doors, making them very popular on data centre sites. They also come with solid non-marking tyres, which are preferable on sites that require cleanroom standard machines.”

said Michael Killeen, managing director of HSS Hire Ireland.

Front wheel drive with zero inside turning radius makes GS-1932 E-Drive scissors easily manoevrable in tight spaces. The large platforms are a benefit, as they allow two operators to perform work side-by-side indoors. And, with a maximum working height of 7.85 m / 25 ft 3 in, GS-1932 slab scissor lifts have the reach needed for work in large spaces, including electrical work in data centres.

The GS-1932 E-Drive weighs just 1,329 kg / 2,929 lb, making it ideal for work on sensitive floors. With a compact machine width of 0.82 m / 32.2 in and length of 1.83 m / 6 ft stowed and 2.72 m 8 ft 11 in stowed, with platform extended, the GS-1932 E-Drive can pass through single or double doorways with the folding guard rails lowered.

Powering the E-Drive scissors are brushless, fully sealed, maintenance-free AC electric drive motors, which deliver industry-leading efficiency and a 35% reduction in lifetime maintenance costs. And with 70% fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings, maintenance is simple, reducing the total cost of ownership.

“Our engineering team have years of experience with Genie machines and find their on-board diagnostics simplify their service as well”

said Killeen.