[Job Story] Ammann Tandem Roller Finds Unique Application Strengthening Natural Turf in Turkey

The country’s leading natural turf grower, Çim Dünyası, is utilising an Ammann ARX 23.1-2 Light Tandem Roller in the development of its high-quality products. Compacting with the Ammann ARX 23.1-2 during the growth of the natural turf helps to promote healthy, sturdy and playable grass.

The roller compacts the soil, removing air pockets and adding stability to the root structure of the grass. It helps ensure that the surface is even, which is important for consistent ball bounce and roll during games. It levels any bumps or divots that may emerge during the growing process. The company’s turf is so popular in Turkey that it is now being sold abroad.

“We aspire to be a company that provides added value to the Turkish economy and improves employment opportunities thanks to our grass, which we have recently started exporting”

said Fahrettin Durmaz, General Coordinator of Çim Dünyası.

Ammann and Çim Dünyası first connected a little more than a year ago.

“We wish that our paths had crossed sooner. If we had met Ammann earlier, we are sure that we could be even more successful. It’s a machine that makes a difference and is always ahead.”

Durmaz said.

The Ammann ARX 23.1-2’s production was noticed immediately.

“Our compaction efficiency increased significantly from the first day. Costs per day have decreased compared to the previous periods. The machine runs cooler and has lower fuel consumption. We cannot stop saying that this machine greatly reduces our work.”

continued Durmaz.

The compactor is a good match for the application.

“It has a powerful and environmentally friendly engine. We had to protect the environment around us while bringing this green turf to life. For this reason, it was very important for us that the carbon footprint of the machine was at the lowest levels while providing all of Ammann’s capabilities. The operator platform provides comfort, with wide legroom and a comfortable seat. We work long hours in the field, and with this machine the operator does not get tired.”

added Durmaz.


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