[Job Story] How a Green Building Solution Looks Like in Qatar

Wonderful Structures, a Mexican company that specializes in Building Technologies, launched a new generation of Ecological Homes made of fiber-reinforced composites. Attending an order for one of the most prestigious corporations in Qatar, the company perfected its construction technique and produced a home of exceptional quality and beauty.

Image: courtesy of Wonderful Structures

This ecological home is not only impressively beautiful but also offers great advantages and benefits that deserve to be highlighted, such as energy savings of more than 50%, suitable for all climates in the world, and made with aerospace materials. Spaces that do not corrode, 100% waterproof, washable walls, shipped via containers to any destination in the world, panels connect to form a shell framing system that enables rapid assembly, infinite design possibilities, curved spaces with rounded corners, easy to repair in case of damage or accident and many other benefits.

The parts that make up the technology can be compared to a modular giant Lego that is used to create countless biophilic designs for multiple uses.

Image: courtesy of Wonderful Structures

The core construction system meets almost all climate extreme requirements, such as resistance to hurricanes, fire, and earthquakes. In addition, the modular system can be modified to meet structural demands for any specific location.

Image: courtesy of Wonderful Structures

With this technology, many projects have been built in more than 20 countries around the world, including homes, hotels, resorts, schools, offices, tunnels for vertical farming, factories for drinking water, breweries, wineries, and emergency shelters.

Technology considers having achieved excellence with Qatar housing, which is the sixth generation of an evolutionary process that has meant hard work over years of intensive and continuous improvement.

This new biophilic construction approach is an invitation to return to our roots, return to ourselves, lower stress, live in harmony with our planet, and heal our souls with the power of nature. A new lifestyle that combines the simplicity and beauty of nature and the latest in technology in fiber-reinforced composites.

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