Paccar Has a Real Project for Turbocharging DAF Trucks in Europe

PACCAR Parts Europe has implemented an on-site power supply system at BEST Trucks, DAF Electric Truck Centre in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. This so-called ‘microgrid’ consists of a combination of 750 roof-mounted solar panels, an energy storage system and advanced energy control systems.┬áThe microgrid can supercharge trucks leaving the workshop and also powers a public super-fast charger.

Rob van Erp (PACCAR Parts Europe Manager Innovation and Strategic Programs, left) and Ronald Janssen (owner BEST Trucks, right) in front of the on-site power supply system.

Tailor-made to suit BEST Trucks, the project with PACCAR Parts Europe began with the installation of an Energy Storage System (ESS) with a battery storage capacity of 480 kWh, an Energy Management System (EMS) and three super-fast charger outlets with a maximum output of 360 kW. These are all connected to the existing 750 solar panels on the roof, as well as the electricity grid.

Two chargers were installed in the workshop, available to power up electric trucks within one hour. A third fast charging point is publicly accessible.

“Electric vehicles should always leave our workshop charged to at least 80% of their capacity, so that these can immediately hit the road after they have been serviced.”

said BEST Trucks’ owner, Ronald Janssen.

Electricity management

Reliable power availability is one of the many advantages of the ESS.

“Due to the increasing demand for energy, securing the energy supply is under pressure. You don’t want to choose between keeping the lights on in the workshop or supercharging your customers’ electric vehicles. This microgrid ensures a consistent and sustainable energy supply while also facilitating rapid charging. It remains operational even in unfavorable weather conditions or during periods of insufficient grid electricity. It is good to know we always can rely on the energy storage.”

added Ronald Janssen.

Smart monitoring and trading

The Energy Management System gathers all of the relevant data, from expected hours of sunshine to energy usage and peaks in electricity grid demand, and adjusts the system for the highest efficiency and lowest energy costs. Furthermore, BEST Trucks will be able to trade in energy, storing it locally when tariffs are low or when there’s a surplus of solar energy and using it or selling it back during peak demand against peak tariffs.

A greener future

“More dealers are showing an interest in this on-site power supply system. It is all about offering customers a premium service and facilitating the energy transition for a greener future.”

said PACCAR Parts Europe Manager Innovation and Strategic Programs, Rob van Erp.

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