Epiroc Launches a Long Feed Version of the SmartROC C50 Drill Rig

Epiroc has launched a new long feed version of the SmartROC C50 drill rig. The long feed enables this COPROD rig to deliver even more meters per shift by increasing drilling time and reducing rod changing time. Additionally, less rod changing reduces wear on consumables and helps lower fuel costs, making the machine even more cost effective.

Image: courtesy of Epiroc
The SmartROC C50 with a long feed can carry a 7.3 meter (24 ft) starter rod and 6 meter rods in the carousel, which increases the maximum hole depth to 37 meters (121 ft). There is also a significant increase in its single-pass capacity.

“We have taken this top class surface drill rig and made it even more appealing with this new long feed option. With its smart Rig Control System (RCS) and easy-to-use touch-screen, we are proud to call the SmartROC C50 a class-leading rig.”

said Ulf Gyllander, Global Product Manager at Epiroc.
Epiroc’s COPROD product range is based on a unique rock drilling system combining the greater penetration rate and lower fuel consumption of tophammer equipment with the hole quality and straightness of DTH drilling.
COPROD combines a threaded drill tube with an unthreaded drill rod. The drill tube transmits rotation, while the impact rod, fit in floating suspension inside the tube, transmits impact energy and feed force. The flushing air passes between the tube and the rod, through the bit rod, to the front of the drill bit. When the COPROD sections are joined, the impact rods stand on top of each other inside the drill tube. This means that the impact energy is directly transmitted to the rock mass without passing a single thread. The result is superior energy transmission, reduced fuel consumption and minimized wear on the drill string.
Image: courtesy of Epiroc

Source: Epiroc

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