Yanmar CE Unveils Its New Electric Trio: the V8e, the SV17e and the C08e

Yanmar CE has launched its electric construction equipment at Intermat: a trio that includes a fully electric wheel loader, a mini-excavator, and a tracked carrier. The zero emission and cordless-in-use V8e, SV17e and C08e are tailored to meet the diverse demands of modern and sustainable construction projects and indoor work environments – without compromising on power and performance.

The new electric range matches the output of Yanmar CE’s renowned internal combustion engine (ICE) compact equipment, ensuring seamless integration into a broad scope of applications.


The SV17e Mini-Excavator (1,955 kg operating weight (OW)), seamlessly combines environmental responsibility with top-tier functionality. Powered by a robust 18.3 kWh battery, it features two operating modes to optimise battery life and adapt to varying project demands. Demonstrating exceptional performance, it showcases formidable digging forces of 9.9 kN and 8.9 kN from its short and long arms, respectively, and is further bolstered by a potent 16 kN bucket force.

Ideal for compact spaces, the SV17e measures 2.33 meters in height and has a variable width of 0.98 to 1.32 meters. Its nearly silent operation minimises auditory disturbance, enhancing the comfort for machine operators and making it particularly suitable for working indoors, as well as in environmentally sensitive or noise-restricted areas. Additionally, zero emissions guarantee a more operator and eco-friendly workspace. The SV17e’s capabilities are enhanced by a maximum digging depth of 2.62 meters, a reach of up to 4 meters, and a maximum dumping height of 2.675 meters. Enhanced features that include an LCD interface, and an optional fast charger for quick replenishment with a slow charging time (20-80% SOC) of approximately 4 hours and a fast charging time (20-80% SOC) of about 2 hours.


The new V8e Wheel Loader (4,500 kg OW) offers a fusion of power and sustainability, designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern construction environments.

The unit boasts four working modes (Bucket, Fork, Eco, Power) to fit the operator’s needs like a glove, combined with a bucket volume between 0.8 and 1.2 cubic meters and with an impressive payload on forks of 1,890kg to maximise performance. It is further coupled with a high-capacity battery (available in standard 39.9 kWh with an option to upgrade to 53.2 kWh), provides up to 4.2 hours of continuous operation in bucket mode. The loader is further equipped with a synchronous motor offering 22 kW rated and 30 kW peak power, enhancing its efficiency in various operations. The V8e also comes with best-in-class flexibility offering a full working day autonomy, and additional onboard charging power reducing by half the charging time, all contributing to operator peace of mind.

Prioritising operator safety and comfort, V8e features a newly designed cabin with increased visibility and comfort; an adjustable armrest and steering column, heated seat, and both LED headlights and LED work lights for optimal visibility. For charging convenience, the unit also comes with an on-board fast charger (11 kW standard, upgradeable to 22 kW) and includes the most common adapters, allowing for easy integration into existing power infrastructures. This robust wheel loader combines Yanmar’s Smart Control technology, including four work modes, with the efficiency of an all-wheel electric drive, setting new standards for both performance and environmental responsibility.


Yanmar’s C08e Tracked Carrier (730 – 880 kg OW) is designed to excel across even the toughest terrains. It combines a high-performance electric motor that provides 5.5 kW rated and 6.5 kW peak power, with a hydrostatic transmission to ensure smooth handling and operation on inclinations up to 20°. Its haul body can carry between 0.34 to 0.42 cubic meters, tailored for high-demand tasks. The vehicle operates on a 10.4 kWh battery, featuring three selectable working modes—eco, performance, and high performance—to optimise energy use and extend battery life up to three hours in the most demanding mode.

The carrier offers a half working day autonomy, depending on the application. For charging, the C08e uses a standard 3.3 kW off-board charger, compatible with a P17 blue plug for grid connection and a REMA socket for direct machine linkage, which fully recharges the battery from 20% to 80% capacity in just 3.5 hours. With additional features like automatic electric motor shutdown and optional vessel configurations, the C08e sets a new standard for electric utility vehicles, combining robust functionality with environmental consciousness.

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