The ability to use the same high-grade John Deere Plus-50 II engine oil in all their farm machines and vehicles is a big plus for the mixed farming operation of O’Keeffe Farming in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, says owner Bill O Keeffe.

With machines spread over four properties as far as 50 kilometres apart, Bill says having one oil for the entire fleet is the most convenient lubricant option available for the business.

“We can run it through all our machines. That is the point of difference for us.” They’ve been using John Deere Plus-50 II oil for 10 years since moving to use John Deere machinery.

Getting up to 500 hours out of the oil per machine is valuable because it means fewer interruptions due to less servicing required on the vehicles, and keeps the machines working longer in the field.

“It is certainly a big plus because we do like to run the machines out as long as we can, as they are often a long way from where we do our service.”

“Quite often it means we don’t have to get it (a harvesting machine) back until the end of the cropping or harvesting season.”

The operation runs two S690 headers, a 9620R 4WD tractor, and 2 smaller front wheel assist tractors, the 8275R and 8330.

“We are also using Plus-50 II through all other forms of equipment, even our 4WD vehicles. It makes it convenient to be able to do that.”

Source: John Deere