Sinoboom’s theme for Conexpo: enhancing quality, elevating excellence

    Sinoboom is ready for the ConExpo, where they exhibit a range of high-quality access equipment to a North American trade-show audience for the first time.

    Sinoboom has a reputation for high-quality products that have been available in Europe for some years. Senior members of the privately-owned company will be at ConExpo to meet visitors and customers. The company recently launched the largest articulating boom lift in the world, the GTZZ46J, which is being supplied to companies active in the petrochemical sector.

    On display at ConExpo, there are a variety of machines from four product lines, representing a truly diverse set of options in the powered access sector.

    The single diesel-powered machine on display, the GTBZ28J Telescopic Boom Lift, is robustly-built to give a long working life, carries a number of intelligent sensors to detect safe working range, and offers a 29.7m (97.44ft) working height with 250kg (551lbs) lifting capacity.

    The all-electric GTZZ16EJ Articulating Boom Lift offers great flexibility and efficiency, with a 230kg (507lb) lifting capacity, 17.7m (58ft) working height, and a large range of operation.

    SINOBOOM GTZZ16EJ in Shaanxi university gym
    Source: Sinoboom

    Three electric Scissor Lifts – GTJZ0407SE, GTJZ0608M and GTJZ1414E – give working heights from 5.8m-15.8m (19-52ft), and have been developed to cater to customer demands for quiet, efficient and flexible access solutions, and feature compact, ergonomic designs, tight turning circles and a range of safety features for operator protection.

    SINOBOOM GTJZ1414 electric scissor lift
    Source: Sinoboom

    The GTTZ10EJ Mast Lift has a compact design with zero tail sweep and a small turning circle and is designed for easy maneuverability to allow for convenient indoor work in warehousing and other narrow spaces.

    Sinoboom’s theme for this show – Enhancing Quality, Elevating Excellence – emphasizes the brand’s reputation both at home and abroad for personnel lifts of exceptionally high quality and advanced technology, supported by a strong, robust R&D process and excellent customer service.

    ConExpo SINOBOOM Booth - visual
    Source: Sinoboom

    The Sinoboom booth is located in the Blue Lot at booth number BL240.

    Source: Sinoboom

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