VIDEO > Hilti TE 500-A36 is the first cordless breaker: Makes destruction easier, can be paired with cordless backpack dust collector

Hilti used the World of Concrete to debut what it calls the world’s first cordless breaker, the TE 500-A36.

The 36-volt battery powered tool uses the company’s Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology to reduce vibration by more than 30 percent. It weighs 17.4 pounds but an adjustable, ergonomic D-handle on the port side helps keep the operator comfortable and in control.

The TE 500-A36 hits with 5.8 foot-pounds of impact energy while cranking out 3,300 impacts per minute using SDS Max type bits and chisels. The chuck and dust shroud are the same as Hilti’s corded models, so you don’t have to go out and buy all new accessories to use it.

A power on/off button disables the tool to prevent the trigger from inadvertently getting depressed during storage and transport and thus draining the battery.

Since it wouldn’t be right to pair a cordless tool with a corded dust collector, Hilti also makes available a cordless backpack vacuum that you can use in tandem with the TE 500-A36. The dust collector is Table 1 OSHA compliant.

In addition to the usual moil points and chisels, Hilti offers a selection of clay spades, chipping tools and ground rod drivers for the breaker. For more information and a demonstration see the video above.

Source: Equipment World

Emanuele Giovannini
Emanuele Giovannini
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