Lincoln Electric Introduces New Power Mig 211i Mig Welder for Three-step Quick Welding

Lincoln Electric introduces the Power Mig 211i MIG welder, the newest member of the Power Mig family of welding machines. The Power Mig 211i welder is a straightforward, dependable 200-amp machine – for MIG, flux-cored, and spool gun welding – that you can depend on for just about any environment or application: the small shop, the farm, maintenance, and repair work and more.

POWER MIG 211i MIG Welder

The Power Mig 211i is portable enough to find its way into all of these places, thanks to the sleek design with multiple lift points and inverter technology that reduces weight while maximizing power, ensuring more efficient operation. At 41 pounds, this machine can go anywhere and handle any job.

POWER MIG 211i MIG Welder

The user interface is incredibly simple. The seven-segment display and basic knob controls enable you to get to welding quickly in a simple three-step process:

1) select welding process,

2) select wire diameter, and

3) select material thickness.

The machine takes it from there, automatically providing the optimal voltage and wire feed speed settings.

“The Power Mig 211i delivers the performance our customers expect from the Power Mig family. The lightweight, portable design combined with the incredibly easy to use interface enable the operator to start welding in seconds.”

says Joe Keipert, Commercial Products Manager at Lincoln Electric.

The Power Mig 211i has a duty cycle of 175 @30% and can operate on 120V or 230V input voltage, enabling you to power up wherever and whenever you need to. The machine is loaded with accessories and attractively priced so that you won’t break the bank.

POWER MIG 211i MIG Welder

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