The ACL series is enriched with the model ACL80-9, the range of compact forklifts for frequent and short operations

Appreciated for the performance and compact size offered by our distributors and our customers, we have extended the range. The ACL series consists of the models ACL60-6 – ACL65-6 – ACL70-6 – ACL80-6 at 600 mm load centre and is designed for capacities between 6 and 8 tons. Now it extends with the model ACL80-9, 8 tons at 900 mm centre of gravity.

The ultra-compact structure – l2= between 3030 and 3250 mm – and tilt cylinders above the roof allow the forklift trucks to handle large, bulky loads in narrow aisles and work spaces. The steering system facilitates machine manoeuvring by combining precision and light weight driving. The operator’s raised seat provides ample visibility on all four sides.

The 80V 1240Ah batteries allow a working autonomy of up to 5 hours with one recharge. Also available with 80V 800Ah LiFeP04 lithium batteries.

The sectors that have chosen our line belong to the sectors of paper mills, steel mills, timber, general manufacturing, logistics, automotive.

Source: Raniero