Ammann ARS 70 Single-Drum Roller Chosen For Its Power and Maneuverability

De Cnodder from Herentals handles soil compaction for residential, industrial, and commercial projects. The company needs powerful compaction output – but it has also placed a priority on the maneuverability necessary to succeed on the varied projects.

The need for both power and maneuverability has led De Cnodder, based in the town of Herentals in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, to utilize the Ammann ARS 70 Single-Drum Roller. The compactor features a shortened wheelbase and an articulation joint that tightens the inner turning radius to 2580 mm. A lower center of gravity provides outstanding stability.

Source: Amman

The variety of available frequencies makes compaction precise and fast for the ARS 70. Drums are balanced, whether working in static or dynamic modes. This enables equal energy distribution and provides the proper compaction, even in sensitive areas.

When working on new construction, the crew typically places gravel at a depth of 20 cm and then makes five passes of the roller. The machine has proven versatile enough that it can complete projects associated with new or existing developments.

The company reports exceptional visibility, thanks to the cab’s ergonomics that include a full glass windshield and fully adjustable and rotatable seat, helping operators stay safe and productive on the tight job sites.

De Cnodder operators of all experience levels find the ARS 70 easy to use. It starts with entry to the cab, made safe through centrally located ingress/regress steps. Once onboard, all monitoring functions and diagnostics can be viewed through a multifunctional display located on the steering wheel. An automatic load/unload function offers ease of use even for unskilled operators.

Source: Amman

The company owner Mr. Michel Coveliers, states:

“We also appreciate ACE force, which helps us to monitor compaction progress. This system supports efforts to determine when the work is complete and whether it’s time to move onto another section of the job site. ACE force also indicates possible weak spots in the compacted area. When working on housing developments, there are a lot of obstructions underneath the compacted layer – sewage, engineering networks, old back-filled trenches, etc. This means we need to compact with a special approach. With ARS 70, we can utilize multiple frequencies. Doing so in a timely manner reduces the cost of fuel and labor and increases quality, too.”

Wide-opening hoods offer exceptional access to the engine compartment, including an after-treatment system. All daily maintenance points are easy to reach, including the engine oil dipstick, fuel filling point and all filters. No tools are required to access service points. All filters and draining points are centralized. Most fluids need only be replaced every 2,000 hours.

The status of air/hydraulics and the DPF filter is shown on the operator display, as are the all-important diagnostic values.

De Cnodder also utilizes Ammann plate compactors, including the APF 20/50 Forward-Moving Vibratory Plate Compactor and the APR 3020 and APR 4920 Reversible Vibratory Plates. The plates are known for their productivity, easy handling, climbing ability, and ease of maintenance.

Source: Amman

Source: Ammann

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