New DuraLine DRP Clip-On Rubber Pads From Astrak

    Astrak is known for developing high-performance rubber pads for track excavators. The new and improved DuraLine DRP clip-on pad was developed for faster installation and longer service life.

    Astrak’s new duraline DRP clip-on rubber pads. Courtesy of: Astrak Group


    This pad is equipped with a firmly integrated clamp on one side and a secure screw holder on the other. The further development comes in response to the demand for a heavy-duty rubber pad with which a crawler excavator can be quickly made ready for use on roads, on hard concrete surfaces, or other finished surfaces without the risk of damage.

    Faster installation

    The new rubber pads are equipped with longer mounting screws and a completely redesigned mounting bracket. This further development contributes to a much faster assembly on-site and enables assembly without having to completely remove the fastening clips.

    Improved rubber compound

    The rubber formula has also been redesigned to further reduce the risk of breakouts and extend the life of the rubber pad in even the most difficult environments.

    Source: Astrak