John Deere Extends SmartGrade Dozers Coverage Package Through June 30

Standing behind the reliability and durability of its machines and integrated technology, John Deere offers an industry-leading extended coverage package for its SmartGrade Dozers. Available on select models including the new 700L, 750L, and 850L machines, the industry-exclusive package features an extended three-year/5,000-hour powertrain and hydraulic warranty on all factory-built SmartGrade Dozers, as well as the SmartGrade technology components.

“Since launching our SmartGrade Dozers, we have seen increased interest in grade control technology. Our customers are looking for ways to make equipment easier to operate and more productive, even with less experienced operators,” said Matt Goedert, solutions marketing manager, John Deere.

“By extending our industry-leading warranty, we’re not only standing behind our SmartGrade technology, but we are also instilling confidence in our customers that these machines are built to withstand challenging and demanding job sites.”

The warranties deliver enhanced coverage on the machine powertrain and hydraulics, as well as the SmartGrade components, for three years or 5,000 hours, whichever occurs first. The offer is extended through June 30, 2021, and available on eligible machines including the 650K, 700K, 700L, 750K, 750L, 850K, 850L, and 950K models.

The SmartGrade machines combine the power and performance of the John Deere dozers with a proven, fully-integrated precision 3D grade control solution. The SmartGrade offering integrates masts and cables into the machine, reducing the risk of damage and theft, and is fully supported by John Deere dealers. Additionally, this technology removes the need to install blade-mounted GNSS sensors and components daily, reducing setup time and allowing operators to get more work done.

“Since first introducing our SmartGrade machines, we’ve seen more and more contractors adopting this technology. From skilled labor shortages to the need for increased productivity, grade control technology provides a solution to the many challenges our customers face daily,” said Sean Mairet, product marketing manager, John Deere.

Chiara De Paoli
Chiara De Paoli
Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media