[Job Story]2022 World Cup Stadium’s Roofing Completed After 4 Years With the Assistance of 8 Zoomlion Tower Cranes

Qatar, the host country of the 2022 World Cup, recently announced good news: the roofing of Lusail, the main stadium for the 2022 World Cup, has been completed with the assistance of 8 TC8039-25 unsupported large-tonnage tower cranes from Zoomlion.

Zoomlion’s Tower Cranes Help Build the Lusail Stadium in Qatar (Courtesy of: China Railway International Group)

Since early 2017 when the project first started, Zoomlion’s tower cranes have withstood the test of weather, and efficiently solved construction problems. During the roofing construction, a 2,300-ton main cable-net was stretched 66 meters above the ground, and successfully docked to the steel structure. The successful completion of this challenging project created another benchmark for the construction in “Belt and Road” countries.

Lusail is the largest and most accommodating professional stadium built overseas by a Chinese company. It also has the widest cable-net structure and the largest overhang distance among architecture of its kind. The closing ceremony, semi-finals, and finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held here. The design is sought to mirror the ancient Arab craft of pottery, and the main cable net adopts a cable truss structure, with a span of 274 meters, and has an overhang distance of 76 meters. It looks just like a giant wheel covering the top of the stadium. In December 2020, the Lusail stadium appeared on the 10 Riyal bank note in Qatar, which is the first construction on a Qatar bank note that was built by a Chinese company. It’s become a new business card for China, exerting influence on the local region and the wider Middle East.

Zoomlion’s Tower Cranes Help Build the Lusail Stadium in Qatar (Courtesy of: China Railway International Group)

The main body of the stadium adopts a steel-concrete composite structure, and about 100,000 metric tons of steel were used during the construction process. Its membrane structure expands 45,000 square meters, the largest in the world. Most of the materials for the steel structure were hoisted by Zoomlion’s tower cranes. 8 TC8039-25 tower cranes were evenly distributed around the periphery of the stadium, covering the entire stadium in all directions. The height of the two ends of the stadium are higher than the rest of the stadium, the irregular surface of the stadium doesn’t provide support to the crane, so unsupported cranes must be used here, and work at a height of 86.7 meters. It’s been 3 years since Zoomlion tower cranes began to work after its installation in March, 2018. Though they worked for over 15,000 hours, they never had to stop, aside from regular maintenance work, which provided support to the smooth completion of the project. Qatar ‘s tropical desert climate means high temperature, strong winds, and frequent sand storms, which is a daunting challenge for any equipment. In addition to the harsh natural environment, the installation of steel structures at an altitude of 70 meters is undoubtedly like “dancing on the tip of a knife”. Being able to perform in various weather conditions and make precise adjustments during construction, Zoomlion ensures our customer safe and efficient installation.

“We have faith in Zoomlion’s product quality and performance, and we also greatly appreciate how Zoomlion provides on-site services and a large amount of various spare parts, that’s why we chose the Zoomlion tower cranes.”

Whenever Zoomlion’s tower cranes are mentioned, the project manager never had anything bad to say about them. He also said that in the past three years, Zoomlion’s equipment has performed phenomenally. With the service engineers stationed on-site for after-sales service, they had support 24/7. With no concerns about technical support issues, they were able to complete the project within the timeline.

This is just one of the many projects Zoomlion was involved with in the Belt and Road countries. With its reliable products and good reputation, Zoomlion has also participated in the construction of the Kuwait airport, Kuwait College Town Phase I and Phase II, as well as many key projects in Egypt’s new capital, becoming a shining example of a new business card for “Made in China” products in the Middle East.

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