Volta Trucks Expands and Looks for Location in Europe

Volta Trucks confirms the next phase of its European expansion plans as the company searches for real estate and potential locations for its Truck as a Service pre-sales and aftersales facilities. This important phase of the company’s in-market development comes soon after the recruitment of Business Development Mangers to serve customers in Volta Trucks’ European launch cities of London, Paris, Madrid and Milan, and metropolitan regions of Rhine-Ruhr and Randstad.

The company is targeting developed or greenfield sites in specific locations close to the operations of its customers and is investigating sites of 10,000 and 15,000 sq m. For London, Volta Trucks is searching within the M3 / M4 / M25 triangle, while in Paris, the focus is on the Gennevilliers suburb, and between Saint Denis & Nanterre. In Milan, attention is focused on Linate airport. The company is also exploring areas in Madrid, Rhine-Ruhr, and Randstad.

The search for permanent facilities follows the presentation of the Volta Zero in several UK and European locations including Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, London and most recently the Netherlands. During the European tour, over 1,000 individual customer demonstrations of the Volta Zero have been undertaken, leading to over 2,500 pre-orders with an order value exceeding €600 million.

The Business Development Manager team of Michaela Pellegrino and Ileana Centorame (Italy), William Carlsson and Chris Heddle (UK), Maxime Hourquin (Spain), Anthony Buron (France), and Celina Mittelsten Scheid (Germany) are already working with prospects and customers to help support their migration to full-electric commercial vehicles and to decarbonise their fleets.

Chief Fleet Solutions Officer of Volta Trucks, with responsibility for the implementation of the company’s Truck as a Service offer, Casper Norden, said;

“We have already successfully introduced customers in our European launch cities to the Volta Zero where we’ve provided over 1,000 demonstrations and, as a result, have taken over 2,500 pre-orders. To achieve our objectives of delivering full electric trucks onto the streets, at volume, as quickly as possible, we have now moved to the next stage of our expansion and are actively engaged in the search for a permanent home in each of our launch locations. These facilities will clearly convey our brand to our customers and serve as pre-sales and Truck as a Service aftersales facilities, supporting the maintenance of the vehicles that will operate with customers. These centres are a key component of our strategy as we look towards having the first Volta Zero vehicles on the road next year.”

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