New Holland Launches the D Series Backhoe Loader Range

New Holland Agriculture takes a further significant step in the renewal of its light equipment range with the new backhoe loader range, following the recent launch of the D Series wheel loader. The new D Series build on the strengths of New Holland backhoe loaders to deliver significant benefits in productivity, operator comfort and safety.

Alain de Nanteuil, New Holland Light Equipment Europe Leader, states:

“Our backhoe loaders are masters of versatility that combine the strength and the efficiency of a compact loader with the precision and the versatility of a real mini excavator. They are a real asset for all types of operations, from arable farms to horticultural and landscaping businesses.”

Cutting-edge powertrain technology

The new D Series backhoe loaders deliver a powerful and fuel-efficient performance with the cutting-edge powertrain technology developed by FPT Industrial. The new F36 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder engine delivers industry-leading power and torque up to 82 kW and 460 Nm. The Hi-eSCR2 after treatment system uses a low-rate EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) to achieve the stringent Stage V emissions standards. The SCR integrates a maintenance-free filtering device, which has the dual advantages of maintaining the after-treatment’s compact size, so that it has no impact on the design and visibility of the machine and ensuring maximum uptime.

The new D Series also introduces a host of efficiency-boosting features. They include the standard Eco Mode, which automatically regulates engine speed and hydraulic pressure in all operations that do not require sustained speed and power, delivering up to 10% fuel savings. Further fuel economy is achieved with the Auto Idle feature that lowers engine speed when the machine is inactive for more than 5 seconds, and Auto Engine Shutdown, which switches off the engine after 3 minutes of inactivity.

New cab re-designed

The cab has been re-designed to significantly enhance the operator’s experience on board. The wider cab provides better access and the space to increase knee and feet clearance when the operator rotates the seat to switch from loader to backhoe operation. The parking brake and stabiliser levers have been relocated, and the switches on the right-hand console have been regrouped. Together with the new F-N-R (Forward, Neutral, Reverse) switch integrated in the loader joystick and a new joystick roller switch for extending dipper operation these features further add to the operator’s comfort and productivity.

The latest Bluetooth technology includes two new USB ports, a 12v port on the instrument cluster and a mobile phone holder which makes it easier for the operator to bring their digital life on board. Industry-leading storage capacity, increased four-fold compared to the C Series, will enable them to comfortably accommodate everything they need during their working day.

Operator safety

Operator safety is always key for New Holland, and the D Series backhoe loaders introduce further improvements. The excellent 360° visibility provided by the large, glazed areas benefits from new rear side glasses, as well as the powerful work lights packages. This comes top of the many safety features, such as the cab’s ROPS and FOPS (Roll-Over and Fall-Over Protection Systems) certification, the standard stabiliser check valves, backhoe transport lock, available safety valves for hydraulic cylinders, optional front loader check valves, 4×1 / 6×1 check valves and Object Handling Kit.

Chiara De Paoli
Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media