Boart Longyear Launches a New Lm Deephole Underground Rig Offering

Boart Longyear is announcing the launch of a new LM Deephole underground drilling rig.

Courtesy of: Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear continues to deliver industry leading safety, reliability, and productivity. The new rig will build off the already popular LM110 and Nitro-Chuck™ platforms with the addition of a new PQ drill head. The drill will allow for a 50% increase in drilling depth for NQ size. As with all LM drills, the rig can be operated with remote control through the DCi™ (Drill Control Interface) and supplied with a rod handler for enhanced safety. This drastically reduces the driller’s exposure to potential hand injuries, one of the biggest risks for a drilling operator. When paired together, drillers can utilize semi-autonomous drill routines over breaks and shift changes which have been found to increase productivity of up to 14%.

“I’m very excited about this rig”

“it combines established product platforms with several of our new technologies to deliver our customers what they want.”

said Erik Gaugh, Product Manager.

Source: Boart Longyear

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