Maxam Tire Launches Revolutionary Tire Compound: the EcoPoint3

Maxam Tire launches the all-new proprietary compound, EcoPoint3, to be fully integrated into its solid tire lineups at the new automation-heavy factory.

This innovative compound combined with state-of-the-art automation and manufacturing technology completely revolutionizes the performance and durability of Maxam’s material handling products. In addition to encompassing the new rubber compound into its solid tires, Maxam’s new factory will increase existing production volume, efficiency, and consistency through advanced automation.

“After several years of research and development of high-performance rubber materials, the Eco-ViscoElastomer-Composite, EcoPoint3 compound elevates the organization to a new level of global competitiveness,”

says Troy Kline, President of Maxam Tire North America.
Compared to carbon black compounds and conventional dry-mixed silica compounds, the EcoPoint3 process provides superior distribution of ingredients during the mixing process. This innovative process allows for Maxam’s compounds to contain less inert filler, higher ratios of stress at elongation, and minimal proportions of impurities resulting in next-generation products.

Understanding customer needs is of paramount importance to Maxam’s core philosophy of being a leader in advanced technology. That is why the EcoPoint3 technology not only improves a tire’s rolling resistance but also enhances skid and wear resistance producing a stronger, safer, more energy-efficient tire that delivers a comfortable ride. The EcoPoint3 technology also represents a breakthrough in green and low-carbon tire development, from the selection of raw materials, manufacturing, and product life cycle, while significantly reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This leap in superior rubber compounding combined with world-class manufacturing technology will result in significant performance enhancements for MAXAM customers.

“Customer satisfaction is the foundation of MAXAM, that is why we continue to innovate in all aspects of our business. Building upon our strong relationship with dealers, this new factory was a critical addition to increase production efficiency and quality. The improvement in production efficiency and EcoPoint3 technological advancement is our commitment to being the trusted business solutions provide our customers deserve, proving that our factories are there for them,”

says Jimmy McDonnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Maxam Tire North America.

Maxam customers will experience the benefits of technological and compound advancements found throughout the solid material handling lineup. With an anticipated increase in production capacity, this new plant will allow Maxam to have more products ready to meet the growing demand. Maxam has relocated all solid tire production to the new factory while also increasing current production with considerations for future product expansion.