Vesconite Slides Simplify Battery Swops on Electric Forklifts

Vesconite battery slides will be introduced on all electric forklifts at a beverage producer following successful testing.

The battery slides, made from the wear-resistant low-coefficient-of-friction material, Vesconite, are used to guide the lead-acid batteries that power the forklifts.

The batteries need to be swopped out and recharged after every shift so that each forklift is ready for a later shift. Because of the considerable weight of the batteries (up to 1,800 kg), a more rigid solution was sought to  prevent the bending and fracturing of the guides.

“Slides from Vesconite were tested for three months,”

“Because of their successful use, the client plans to install the slides on all of the beverage company’s electric forklifts,”

says Vesconite Bearings forklift application engineer Calvin Mpofu.

The guides will become part of the growing range of precision wear and bushing components that Vesconite Bearings stocks for the forklift industry.

They were developed in response to the beverage company’s needs for a particular forklift model.

He adds:

“Forklift companies are welcome to approach us with their unique wear or bearing challenges,”

“We will assist with  prototype design and manufacture,”

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