South African Side-Tipper Manufacturer Elevates Quality with Vesconite Bushings

A prominent South African side-tipper manufacturer has doubled its monthly orders for side-tipper bushings. The manufacturer’s confidence in Vesconite is further demonstrated by a noteworthy shift in its buying patterns. In the last year, the company has adopted a proactive procurement approach by placing blanket orders and securing monthly supplies several months in advance to ensure consistent stock availability.

Vesconite self-lubricating bushings are superior to materials such as nylon and bronze in this application.

Vesconite bushings are self-lubricating, a crucial benefit when dealing with abrasive materials such as sand during transportation. Unlike greased lubricants, which can turn gritty, forming an abrasive paste, Vesconite’s self-lubrication ensures long-lasting durability even in challenging conditions.

Another standout feature of Vesconite is its exceptional dimensional stability. This quality sets it apart from competing nylon parts, which are prone to swelling in moist environments. In contrast, Vesconite bushings remain unaffected, ensuring reliable performance in various operational settings.

The Vesconite bushings in question play a pivotal role as the connecting point between the tipper body and the chassis of side-tipper trailers.

Each side-tipper body utilises two Vesconite bushings, with a bushing employed on each chassis pivot mounting, describes Tristen Wintershoven, Vesconite’s transport application engineer. He notes that these essential pivot points enable side tippers to efficiently unload bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, or demolition debris, adjacent to the tipper truck using a hydraulic system that tilts the tipper body.

The preference for Vesconite self-lubricating bushings underscores the side-tipper manufacturer’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable equipment for the efficient unloading of bulk materials—a practice particularly valued in Africa’s mining, construction and road-building industries

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