The New Merlo E-WORKER 2WD Telehandler

It is part of the so-called ZERO Generation, which aims at zero fuel consumption, zero noise and vibrations, zero emissions. Steering angle up to 85°, regenerative braking, e-holder and anti-rollover sensors make it an extremely versatile machine that can be used in any context.

The market is asking for an ultra-compact vehicle that is simple and easy to manoeuvre, powered by new and increasingly efficient energy sources: here Merlo Spa, which has always been synonymous with technological innovation, has responded by offering the first range of fully electric telehandlers.

We are talking about the e-WORKER, the debut of the so-called ZERO Generation of Merlo machines, characterized by a common philosophy aimed at achieving zero fuel consumption, zero noise and vibrations, zero emissions. The objectives of the new range are countless sectors of off-road and indoor use, greater versatility and efficiency, reduction of costs and amortization times, compact dimensions, great maneuverability and the elimination of polluting and noise emissions. A cutting-edge machine that has received numerous awards since its entry into the market, the e-WORKER has also obtained the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro, the oldest and most authoritative world design award, as “well characterized by advanced and culturally aware planning, ethically responsible towards the individual, society and the environment, and a driving force behind new material and immaterial qualities».

Performance and efficiency

The new 2WD models are equipped with two electric motors mounted directly on the front wheel reduction gears, which ensure front-wheel drive and the possibility of modulating the power required for transfers – a solution that guarantees maximum machine autonomy. The steering of the e-WORKER 2WD, on the other hand, takes place only on the rear wheels, in a similar way to what happens with forklifts. All e-WORKER models, unique on the market, can be set up with homologation for road traffic, even with towing of small agricultural trailers. The transmission has three modes of use (ECO, POWER and POWER+) based on customer needs. To maximize the efficiency of the machine, this vehicle is equipped with regenerative braking. Thanks to this possibility, unlike a conventional dynamic braking system, the kinetic energy is exploited and transformed into electrical energy stored in the batteries.

The 2WD models have been developed to increase the range of the car. The rear axle is free to oscillate up to 7 degrees, the maximum gradeability is 12% at maximum load. The wheel hubs are made with a steering angle of up to 85°, guaranteeing exceptional manoeuvrability. In this way the car steers practically «on the spot», pivoting on the inside front tyre. The Tac-lock device, standard on all models, ensures maximum operating comfort, allowing hydraulic locking of the implements from the cab. Hooks, excavating shovels, platforms, grapples, forks: there are many attachments, designed and manufactured in the Merlo Group plants, designed to enhance performance and increase the versatility of the machine in the different operating situations.

Safety and comfort

The 100% electric solution makes it possible to drastically reduce the noise emissions of the machine. The cab is ROPS and FOPS certified. All models are equipped with anti-rollover sensors integrated in the rear axle, a solution that guarantees maximum stability without compromising machine performance. The e-WORKER 2WD is equipped with the e-holder, a system that assists the operator when starting uphill and prevents the vehicle from moving when the accelerator pedal is released on any slope. The e-WORKER range is equipped, in the standard configuration, with 4 LED lights mounted on the cab roof. These allow you to adequately illuminate the work area to operate in complete safety and simplicity even in poorly lit environments and outdoors at night. The highly ergonomic controls, the tilting steering wheel, the armrest and the simplified user interface reduce operator fatigue and make their work easier.


The battery pack is made with lead-acid solutions with a total weight of 1500kg, and is mounted on the right side of the machine in a lowered position, to maximize the stability of the vehicle; it is also equipped with a quick release to allow it to be exchanged in just over 10 minutes, in order to ensure an uninterrupted work cycle. The batteries have been designed to guarantee high autonomy and a longer life cycle. To solve a hydraulic noise problem, a system was also studied to make the machine even quieter than it already was. Noise is in fact reduced to a minimum thanks to the new helical gear pump.


The e-WORKER 2WD, like all Merlo telehandlers, can be equipped with MERLOMOBILITY, a telematic system that allows you to geolocate the machine, remotely manage the geographical boundaries of operation, evaluate its behaviour, perform diagnoses in real time.


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