Lincoln Electric Adds New Maverick 325X Model to its Multi-Function Welding Machines Lineup

Next-gen diesel engine driven welder/generator provides perfect combination of size, performance, and innovation. Lincoln Electric introduces the all-new Maverick 325X to its lineup of next-generation diesel engine driven welders/generators. A multi-process workhorse with specialized stick, wire welding, and direct-connect spool gun capabilities for all jobsite needs, the Maverick 325X has an advanced user interface on a heavy-duty 4.6” weatherproof LCD screen.

Maverick 325x Engine Drive

It features CrossLinc technology, which allows the adjustment of machine output at the arc to promote productivity, site safety, and overall weld quality.

This arc welding machine also promotes fuel savings and reduces greenhouse gases with variable engine RPM and auto start/stop capabilities. Engine driven welder/generators are the heartbeat of any structural or pipeline jobsite and need to be ready at a moment’s notice for welding, powering up tools and lights, and even charging other job site equipment.

Fleet managers can start up the Maverick 325X first thing in the morning and not turn it off until the end of the day regardless of the level of use throughout the shift. The start/stop feature automatically monitors machine use and places the engine into a standby power mode when not in use, resulting in significant savings on fuel cost and machine hours and a reduction in engine emissions.

Engine Drive, Maverick 325x

All the features of the Maverick 325X add up to the perfect combination of size, performance, and innovation. Highlights of the machine include:

  •  Compact Power – Plenty of jobsite power with 325 amps of welding output and 10 kW of clean, single-phase auxiliary power.
  •  Optimized Performance – A multi-process workhorse with specialized stick modes, wire welding capability, and direct-connect spool gun for pulsed aluminum.
  •  Greater Machine Control – Durable, 4.6 in. digital display for full machine control – including process setup, maintenance reminders, and PIN authorization.
  •  CrossLinc® Enabled – Change welder parameters at the arc without an additional control cable – helping to increase productivity, promote safety, and improve weld quality.
  •  Variable Engine RPM – Automatically adjusts engine speed to reduce fuel consumption and engine noise.
  •  Auto-Stop/Start Technology – Save on fuel and avoid excess idling and engine wear.


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