[Job Story] One Ammann Roller Meets Many Jobsite Needs

The Ammann ARP 75 Pivot-Steer Tandem Roller worked on the paving and compaction of a supermarket’s parking lot in Niederkassel, Germany. The machine’s productivity and manoeuvrability were key factors that contributed to the completion of the project.

Portions of the project were in wide open spaces where productivity was needed. Yet work was required near the market’s entrance, close to obstacles. That meant the roller needed to offer the versatility to be productive in open spaces yet manoeuvrable in tight spaces.

The base layer of 12 cm necessitated deep compaction output – all while negotiating the close spaces. The base layer consisted of warm mix (AC32 TS), so the compaction window was tighter as well. The machine has an operating weight of 7375 kg, the first step toward delivering the necessary force.

The roller also has the output needed. Standard is a two-stage vibratory system with a multiple range of frequencies that helps operators precisely adjust compaction output.

It offers two frequencies (38-48 Hz and 45-55 Hz), two amplitude choices (0,68 mm and 0,39 mm) and two centrifugal options (58-92 kN and 47-70 kN).

These settings ensured the roller brought the output necessary to reach the 12 cm depth, yet also could be adjusted when working close to the building.

The Ammann ARP 75 has pivot steering with split drums, enabling precision and reducing shear forces. The roller also utilises advanced steer-by-wire machine control, which is extremely responsive.

Another handling feature is machine fingertip steering (FTS). FTS replaces the traditional steering wheel and allows operators to keep both hands on the armrests for improved comfort. FTS also offers advanced palm support that prevents fatigue and injuries from repetitive motions.

An advanced drive lever with intelligent functions ensured the smooth starts and stops that were essential when paving the market’s parking lot.

Operators who used the Ammann ARP 75 on the supermarket jobsite praised the machine for its intuitive nature and for its comfortable, easy-to-control steering.

“It took us just 10 minutes to learn how to use the main functions. There was very good steering control via the steering potentiometer.

said an operator.

The machine also offers exceptional views to the drum edges and large water tanks. Newly designed front and rear water tanks for the sprinkling system hold volumes of water that are among the highest on the market – minimising refills during asphalt compaction.

The Ammann ARP 75 also provides a wide range of working widths, another important feature on the supermarket jobsite.

The machine offers a variety of options as well:

  • 360° LED lights
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio
  • Diagonal 45º edge cutter
  • ACE force – Ammann’s proprietary Intelligent Compaction system
  • LED warning beacon
  • Infra-red thermometer
  • ServiceLink Plus, Ammann’s telematics system
  • Q Compaction, GPS-based, position-accurate digital area compaction control
  • Reverse camera

The Ammann ARP 75 proved up to the challenge. It supplied the productivity needed in open spaces and reached targets in the tighter locations, too. And its manoeuvrability ensured it covered every centimetre of the jobsite.

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