The new generation of Paus loaders, positive feedback from international dealers

The new loaders line from Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Emsbüren was already presented to the public last March and during the event many guests took the opportunity to test the tool holders and “performance in the smallest of spaces” in a practical way, for example when loading the machines on high sides or filling ditches on the side.

The international, critical dealer audience was both surprised and convinced by the variety of technical Redesign and equipment possibilities of the Paus vehicles. Source: Paus

To date, construction machinery dealers stay enthusiastic about the new generation of construction machinery! We are talking about :

  •     Telescopic wheel loader 9065, 9078
  •     Telescopic swivel loader 9075, 9088
  •     Swivel loader 9075, 9088
  •     Dump truck SMK 9036.

Telescopic wheel loader 9065, 9078

Paus Telescopic Wheel Loader TL 9065. Source: Paus

The PAUS TL 9065 shows its excellent application possibilities in every situation when loading bulk material as well as when using a forklift truck at great heights.
The articulation angle of 40° to each side allows the precise positioning of the working tool, even when standing still.

Performance data:
Working weight: 6.495 kg
Engine: Deutz TD 2.9L Stage V 55.4 kW at 2.300 rpm
Standard bucket: 1.0 m³


Telescopic swivel loader 9075, 9088

Paus Slewing Loader SL 9075. Source: Paus

Thanks to the 180 ° swiveling hoist and the 40 ° articulated steering on each side, the PAUS SL 9075 offers enormous maneuverability and precise work in the tightest of spaces. Versatile municipal applications, inner-city construction sites or tasks in cable construction are just a small selection of the applications in which the PAUS 9075 shows its strengths.

After coordinating the mounting dimensions and the hydraulic performance data, almost all tools and attachments can be mounted.

Alternative quick change recordings:

  • Agricultural EURO intake
  • Zettelmayer / Volvo system
  • System Atlas


  • Pallet forks
  • Standard blades, with or without teeth, or Hardox cutting edge
  • Grapple bucket
  • Bulky goods shovel
  • High tip bucket
  • 2-man work basket with acceptance
  • Load hook


  • Snow blade
  • Salt shaker
  • Sweepers
  • Milling
  • Mulcher
  • Leveling device
  • Compound stone pliers
  • And much more

Dump truck SMK 9036

Dump truck SMK 9036. Source: Paus
Performance data
payload 3,650 kg
Trough volume heaped 1,600 L
Engine power 42 kW at 2,200 rpm
engine Deutz TD 2.2 Stage V
Gradeability 45 °


  • Solid and torsion-free steel frame
  • Stable trough, also for self-loading
  • Strong, fast and reliable trough kinematics.
  • Stepless hydrostatic all-wheel drive
  • Maintenance-free oil bath multi-disc brake
  • Electrohydraulic spring-loaded parking brake, activated automatically when the engine stops
  • Single lever joystick control for the trough functions
  • ROPS roll bar, foldable
  • Patch coupling
  • Easily accessible service and maintenance points, combined grease nipples and clear, easily accessible fuse box

Source: Paus GmbH