The new engine of Bobcat Stage V line is 75HP range of Telehandlers

Bobcat is launching new Stage V compliant telehandlers alongside Stage V versions of the company’s M-Series T450 and T590 compact track loaders. In both the new telehandlers and compact track loaders, the changes include several new features and options.

Source: Bobcat

The new machines are powered by proven Bobcat D34 and D24 Stage V high torque diesel engines, designed specifically for Bobcat compact equipment. Both of the new Stage V engines are based on well proven designs installed in thousands of Bobcat machines worldwide.

“The 75 HP engine is mainly used by construction and rental companies in the United Kingdom, Italy and Benelux owing to its competitive price and simplicity, whilst still providing plenty of power to tackle all applications on the jobsite,”

says Quentin D’Hérouël, Product Manager Telehandlers at Doosan Bobcat.

Bobcat is launching new 75HP Stage V compliant Telehandlers. These new Telehandlers are powered by proven Bobcat D34 Stage V high torque diesel engines, designed specifically for Bobcat compact equipment. Engines are based on well proven designs installed in thousands of Bobcat machines worldwide. Source: Bobcat

The new D34 Stage V engine is equipped with the DPF autonomous aftertreatment system, so it is perfectly within the emission control parameters.  In addition, the engine does not use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), so there is no need for AdBlue. The D34 Stage V 56 kW (75 HP) engine in the new telehandlers provides an average 7% lower fuel consumption and offers a 14% higher torque than the previous Stage IV engine, for more power at lower RPM and faster recovery.

There is a choice of 11 different Bobcat telehandler models with the 56 kW (75 HP) Stage V engine, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.1 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 18 m.

Stage V engine detail. Source: Bobcat

New Stage V Telehandlers Offer Better Ease of Use and Efficiency

The new T450 and T590 Stage V compact track loaders follow on from the recently launched Bobcat M-Series S450S510 and S530 Stage V skid-steer loaders. All new M-Series loaders provide operators with increased performance, enhanced comfort and optimised maintenance requirements. These M-Series loaders are among the first models in the Bobcat compact equipment range in Europe to have the company’s new machine styling scheme, which includes 3D decals for the first time.

“Like the S450S510 and S530 models, skilful design work by our engineering team has ensured that even with the Bobcat Stage V engine incorporated, the same small dimensions and lift arm patterns are maintained on the new versions of the T450 and T590 compact track loaders.”

says Jiri Karmazin, Product Manager Loaders at Doosan Bobcat.

The truly compact size and low weight ensure they can work and manoeuvre easily in tight spaces and can be easily transportedSource: Bobcat

Thanks to the new Bobcat Stage V engine, noise and vibration levels have been significantly reduced, the first engine oil maintenance interval has been extended to 500 hours. In addition, the power-to-weight ratio of the engine has been optimized in both T450 and T590 loaders.

T450 Stage V T590 Stage V
Operating weight 2961 kg 3664 kg
Shipping weight 2665 kg 3283 kg
Tipping load 2049 kg 2773 kg
Engine Bobcat D24; 2.4l; Stage V Bobcat D24; 2.4l; Stage V
Power 41.0 kW (55 HP) 50.7 kW (68 HP)


The new Stage V loaders now feature the previously optional Deluxe control panel as standard, offering a choice of different languages and telematics to protect the machines and to monitor their performance. The Deluxe panel also reduces the risk of misuse thanks to the keyless function.Source: Bobcat