[Job Story] German Contractor Reports Its Experience With the Kverneland XHD Power Harrow Tines

German contractor Stefan Lex agreed to test the Kverneland XHD Power Harrow tines on his Kverneland S-Drill PRO NG-S 101 for us. In September, he received a full set of Carbide tines for his machine and we have been following him since.  At first, the soil conditions were very hard and dry but the season ended up being very humid with a lot of rain; the conditions were perfect to put XHD technology to the test!

The German contractor Stefan Lex that test the XHD technology. Courtesy of: Kverneland

After 200 ha of work, Stefan Lex shared his impression about XHD and his conclusion is positive. Hardly any wear in length, no need for any adjustments during the season, and not a single tile were broken. Positive feedback shows how XHD technology helps to increased productivity and reduced maintenance time in very abrasive soil conditions.

Source: Kverneland